Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Bashed For Manhattan Wardrobe Choices

Kim Kardashian’s fashionista title may be in jeopardy. While enjoying the nightlife in Manhattan with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was captured by paparazzi wearing an outfit The New York Daily News dubbed the “unfortunate optical illusion dress.” The pair of reportedly fashion conscious stars are taking a beating in the press for their recent choices of attire.

The New York Daily News accuses Kim Kardashian of being so “smitten” with Kanye West that she is neglecting to look in the mirror before leaving her home. Although the “optical illusion dress” may not be every woman’s first choice in semi-formal wear, Kim Kardashian hardly looked as atrocious as some star watchers claim.

Kim Kardashia’s dress did exemplify her hips, but real women have curves and perhaps she just wanted to show off her feminine features while on the arm of her rapper boyfriend. The two-toned cutaway shirt and belt created an “optical illusion” which The Daily Mail feels made Kim Kardashian appear to have wide hips. The Kardashian dress also boasts a band of fabric hanging down the back of the dress, which some fashion critics believe bulks up Kardashian’s rear view.

The reality star’s choice of footwear also came under attack after her night out in New York with Kanye West. The tan boots with black laces are blamed for making Kim Kardashian’s legs appear “short and cut off.”

Kanye West is a self-proclaimed “fashion addict” and clothing designer, The New York Daily News reports. The rapper’s outfit did not escape disparagement by fashion critics either. Kanye West was photographed wearing “saggy” leather pants, a backwards baseball cap and a sleeveless black t-shirt while out with Kim Kardashian in her “optical illusion dress.”


Although the media coverage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s alleged fashion missteps may cause them to frown privately the couple was photographed smiling broadly while visiting the Central Park Zoo, touring New York City and posting images of their “matching bling” on Twitter.