March 15, 2016
Mariah Carey: New Non-Reality Show, Even Newer Diva Demands

The news of Mariah Carey's reality show is for real. The diva plans to have an extravagant series on the E! Network.

There's just one little thing. The songstress refuses to call her new show a reality show. Carey announced on Tuesday, March 15, via The New York Times, that she will star in an eight-part documentary series called Mariah's World.

"I refuse to call it a reality show. I thought it would be a good opportunity to kind of, like, show my personality and who I am, even though I feel like my real fans have an idea of who I am. A lot of people have misperceptions about this and that."
This isn't Carey's first time in the reality game. She was a celebrity guest judge on American Idol's Season 12 back in 2013, and she starred in an iconic episode for MTV's Cribs back in 2002. The episode showed her climbing on the Stairmaster in her high heels and showing off her Hello Kitty themed bathroom.
Carey revealed to The Times that her show won't give a glimpse into her everyday life. Instead, it will focus on some of her short-lived Las Vegas residency and parts of her international tour. She said that she didn't want the cameras on her 4-year-old twins, Morocco and Monroe, or much of her family.
"I don't want to do anything that's exploitative. There might be a couple of moments, but it's not about making them the stars of the show. They're too young to make that decision."
The series will follow Carey as she prepares for her Sweet Fantasy Tour in Asia, Europe, and U.K. while she plans her upcoming wedding to billionaire James Packer. The series will give fans a glimpse into Carey's friends, crew, and her inner her circle. Mariah's World doesn't have a debut date, but it's set to premiere sometime in 2016. It's also expected to air on E!'s 17 global channels in 153 countries and in 24 languages.

Jeff Olde, EVP Programming & Development at E!, dished on what fans can expect from Carey's new show.

"Mariah is one of the most captivating pop superstars of our time and one of the rare artists whose first name alone is instantly recognized around the globe. The series will present a unique, vulnerable and surprisingly humorous side to Mariah that her fans have never before seen while showcasing her unparalleled celebrity lifestyle filled with true glamour, maximum luxury and ultimate stardom."
While Carey is trying to show a different side of herself, reports are still surfacing about her alleged diva demands. According to The Sun, the powerhouse singer gave her team a long shopping list of goodies at 3 a.m. Some of those items on Carey's list specifically included Coca-Cola bottles, Oreo cookies, along with Papa John's pizza, and a case of Moet Champagne for her backup dancers. She also requested random things such as vanilla scented candles, adorable puppies, and white flowers.
"She told her entourage to make sure the children — who were being cared for by a nanny while she did her thing on stage — had a huge stack of DVDs they could choose from. She specially told them to stock up on the most recent Disney flicks, including the Minions films, and warned no movies with violence."
The source also added that Carey's kids stayed up until 4 a.m., while the singer locked herself in their hotel room. She slept the next day and barely left her room or interacted with anyone.

On her last tour, sources revealed that Carey requested kittens and vitamin water to wash her dogs. Meanwhile, Carey's brother called her an "evil witch," claiming that she refuses to help pay for medical bills for their dying sister Alison's brain and spine surgery, according to the Daily Mail.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]