Adam Levine's Wife Behati Prinsloo Is Pregnant, Will He Quit 'The Voice' Or Stay With The Show?

Adam Levine and wife Behati Prinsloo are starting a family, and just days after the model's pregnancy was reported, rumors began swirling regarding Adam Levine's possible exit from the show. Although Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo have yet to open up about the pregnancy, or about his potential plans to quit the show, rumors claim The Voice Season 10 may be his last.

Last week, after Adam Levine's baby news was shared, OK! Magazine reported news of an In Touch Weekly article, in which a source revealed Adam Levine had already decided to walk away from the singing reality competition.

"[Adam Levine]'s been there since the very beginning and feels like it's time to move on," an insider told the magazine, stating season 10 would be his last. He "wants to concentrate on his music and start a family with his wife."

Unlike Christina Aguilera and the women of the show, including Shakira and Gwen Stefani, who pop up now and again but haven't been on the show consistently since its start, Adam Levine has been featured as a full-time coach for the series' entirety, so it's hard to think that he would consider leaving -- especially when The Voice is doing so well.

On March 14, the Parent Herald pointed out that while there have been numerous reports regarding Adam Levine quitting The Voice, there have also been articles to the contrary, which claim the rocker's flexible schedule will allow him to remain a part of the show as he adapts to being a new father once Prinsloo gives birth.

"[Adam Levine] would stay with The Voice and will stay with The Voice even if he becomes a father," an insider told Hollywood Life on March 10. "The amount of time he would have to be away really wouldn't be that much. He could easily do both. The Voice schedule would offer no neglect to family duties and he would be able to do it because The Voice would be accommodating to all of his needs. They would all be able to work out a proper schedule to make it all work out. "

As Adam Levine prepares to welcome his first child with Prinsloo, he has reportedly been getting advice from his Voice co-stars.

"[Adam Levine] is very excited to be a Dad and is completely ready to do everything that comes with it," an insider told Hollywood Life on March 11. "He wants to be the Dad that changes diapers, he wants to sing and read to his kid and he wants more than just one. He is very ready to be the best Dad possible. Regardless of how many kids he has he would love to have a boy and a girl eventually to see the best of both worlds."

Adam Levine has reportedly been talking to Stefani and Aguilera "a lot" as he prepares to welcome his baby, and is "really loving" the advice they've offered him. The source went on to reveal that Adam Levine is taking the "whole thing seriously" and is completely determined to be the best dad ever.

Adam Levine has been married to Prinsloo since July 2014, and both he and his wife have expressed interest in having a very large family down the road.

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