‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’: Ubisoft Massive Wants To Rework How Phoenix Credits Are Earned While Encouraging More PVP In The Dark Zone

In addition to scheduling the weekly server maintenance for Tom Clancy’s The Division to take place in the early morning hours of every Tuesday, Ubisoft Massive has also declared their intentions to host a weekly State of the Game stream on the title’s official Twitch channel to discuss how they think The Division is doing and which aspects of the game they feel still need work.

Keeping with their proposed schedule, Ubisoft Massive took down all game servers for The Division earlier today and took the time to speak out about the health of the game. Wanting to make fans of the game aware that their concerns are being heard by the team, many of the topics discussed during the stream were in response to early feedback that the developer has heard following last week’s launch of The Division.

One of the many points that Massive brought up were their thoughts on the rates at which players currently earn Phoenix Credits in the game. Since it’s the currency used to purchase high-end gear after reaching the level cap, the accrual of Phoenix Credits is important to everyone interested in taking part in any of The Division’s end-game content.

The Division mission screen

Just last weekend, Ubisoft released a nerf to Phoenix Credit rate gains after discovering that some players were able to fully equip their characters in rare gear much faster than the developer had originally intended. However, Ubisoft now admits that they think that the recent fix was too extreme and the developer now has plans to once again readjust how many Phoenix Credits are dropped by elite bosses in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

While Massive stated during the stream that they expect to increase the Phoenix Credit drop rate, the team doesn’t exactly know just how much of the currency they want players to earn from individual boss kills. As such, Ubisoft doesn’t currently have a time frame for when they expect the change to go live since they have to figure out the logistics first. The developer simply asked users to be aware that news of a tweak to Phoenix Credit gains will likely come in the next few weeks.

The Division example skills

Another big complaint that fans have voiced about The Division revolves around the game’s Dark Zone. The DZ is a part of the map that is intended to provide players with more challenge. In addition to being filled with elite enemies, the Dark Zone is also populated by other players who can choose to go rogue and attack one another.

However, the Dark Zone is becoming somewhat of an early controversy for Tom Clancy’s The Division since many feel that the risk of going rogue is too high. As the Inquisitr recently reported, users actually lose a portion of the experience and DZ funds if they are killed after acquiring rogue states for attacking other players. At max level, this can result in the loss of several Dark Zone levels for a single death. This has led to many gamers vocally sharing their opinion that the risks of going rogue are currently too high.

Ubisoft also announced their plans to address this since even the developer believes that there are fewer rogues running around The Division‘s Dark Zone than they had anticipated. The team remarked that they feel that there should be twice as many rogues in the game than what is presently seen. To remedy this and help encourage more PVP, Massive announced that they will probably adjust the penalties for dying as a rogue so that more players might be tempted to become bandits.

What are your thoughts on The Division’s Dark Zone? Would you like to see more player-versus-player action, or are you perfectly fine with players simply joining forces to take on the zone’s elite mobs?

[Image via Ubisoft Entertainment]