‘Supergirl’ Panel Swarmed By Young Melissa Benoist Fans

Supergirl was highly represented at this year’s Paleyfest with a full panel of cast and crew taking the stage to talk about their hopes for a second season and the ways in which feminism has already made its way into the Supergirl story arcs. As the subject of feminism was broached, the Supergirl panel fell prey to a swarm of young girls, brandishing their own form of girl power, as they overwhelmed Melissa Benoist with questions about Supergirl and about the actress herself.

Supergirl Melissa Benoist faces off against the girl power she created

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The Supergirl Paleyfest panel opened with a discussion about the current state of feminism and the influences shows like Supergirl have on growing girls and young women. Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex Danvers, says she recognized, even before taking on the role of Kara’s adoptive sister, that the series would be very influential to impressionable girls.

“To be a part of something that’s telling a very powerful story in many different ways from many different perspectives, especially from a women’s standpoint but also from little girl’s standpoint, is rewarding,” Leigh said in thinking about her own two daughters.

As the discussion progressed, the panel was gradually overcome with questions from young girls, those viewers the show has always hoped to reach the most. The growing crowd of girls were most interested in Supergirl herself.

One of the first girls to grab the panel’s attention was dressed in a Supergirl costume. She had two questions, both aimed specifically at Melissa Benoist. First, she wanted to know what it was like to fly. She also asked Ms. Benoist if they could be friends. As Melissa addressed her questions, the girl was lifted up onto the stage to show off her costume.

Melissa Benoist talks about working with husband Blake Jenner

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Melissa says she was delighted when her husband and fellow actor guest starred on Supergirl, because the couple has such fun when the chance to work together presents itself.

“He’s my favorite scene partner, always,” says Ms. Benoist.

Mr. Jenner met Melissa in 2012, when both actors appeared on Glee. The couple were engaged in July 2013 and have been married for almost a year. Melissa and Jenner were married in a spring wedding.

Blake plays Adam Foster, son of Kara’s boss, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart, and romantic interest to Kara Zor-El, A.K.A. Kara Danvers).

For Benoist, she says Supergirl has changed her as a person in ways she could never have anticipated.

“On the outside, it hasn’t really changed quite so much. I go to work and I have my day-to-day thing. But I feel like I’ve personally changed,” the Supergirl actress said. “This has taught me so much about strength and has made me just discover how strong I can be in certain situations and I realized I can do some pretty hard things.”

Ms. Benoist says the greatest gift is meeting the younger fans of Supergirl, like the girls (and boys) swarming the Paleyfest panel. The Supergirl actress says the “S” on her costume really has an effect on people. Melissa says the “S” helps fans come out of their shells, and as she gets to know these younger Supergirl fans, the actress says it has really been a privilege to experience that.

There was no official word given at Paleyfest that Supergirl would be renewed for season 2, but the entire panel remained hopeful. Ali Adler, Supergirl co-creator and executive producer, seemed even more optimistic than the rest, suggesting there are 75 years of DC Comics to draw from, as far as story ideas for Supergirl.

“We’re excited to tell as many stories as the 75 years of the amazing DC canon will afford us to do — so 75 years, Les Moonves,” Adler said.

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