‘The Division’ Co-Op: How To Get The Most Out Of Playing With Other Agents

The Division

In Ubisoft’s latest entry to the Tom Clancy series of games Tom Clancy’s The Division, players have the option to play alongside other players in what is essentially a light version of an MMORPG. Although squads are only comprised of a team of four that explore the pandemic-ridden streets of New York, the experience definitely mirrors what a player might expect from a more action oriented MMO game.

With that in mind, utilizing the abilities of agents for max level content is a no brainer. Running missions at the Challenge difficulty obviously calls for players to work together in intense versions of missions played while leveling up. Players working their way to the level 30 cap can also enjoy the company of others, and players with a regular set of teammates will find The Division a welcome addition to their co-op library.

In The Division, players can start their quest through New York alone or use the game’s matchmaking tool to play with a squad. Everything in The Division can be experienced with a team once matchmaking is unlocked. Players can start playing in a group by access the matchmaking service via their map, start or join a group from the Group Management section, or at terminals located in Safe Houses. Matchmaking can even be started at the entrance to a mission. According to the Ubisoft Blog, friends can even see each other on the map before grouping making it extremely easy to find friends exploring the same area of the map.

The Division
The Division shows players a lot of information about their teammates when playing together. The UI will show party member’s health and abilities in the bottom right corner of the screen. Knowing which icon represents an ability and its specific mod is paramount when playing with others. There is a big difference between a turret ready to suppress enemies and one that will shoot a steam of fire at those that get close. Recognizing the difference before an adversary comes is a huge boon. Checking out the abilities and their mods is helpful and toying around with different abilities will help players get familiar with the different roles each ability can play in combat.

Among these abilities, of course, is a player’s Signature Skill which is unlocked once all the upgrades for a specific wing are completed in the Base of Operations. Each wing includes a Signature Skill aimed at buffing the entire group for a limited time after charging the ability up for quite some time. Recovery Link, the Signature Skill from the Medical wing, will heal and cure players while reviving allies nearby if they are downed. Knowing when players can use their Signature and when it is on cooldown can make fights go a little smoother, too. In The Division, a player’s Signature Skill is the middle icon underneath the player’s name.

The Division
At maximum level, and in more difficult combat, it is also important to pay attention to the buffs and debuffs on the character. Player abilities often improve a group’s statistics and identifying these temporary boosts can help in tight situations. Entering a beneficial field will display the buff as text to the upper left of the character, and a list of buff icons can be seen below the player character’s health.

Of course, new co-op content is also an avenue players will saunter down in The Division when the time comes. Two free updates are coming in the following months according to the official website. In April, an Incursion will be added to the game offering squads an even more difficult challenge. Additionally, party members will be able to trade with each other during their co-op session. In May, a second free update will deploy with another Incursion and new features for the mixture of PvP and PvE in the Dark Zone. As the Inquisitr reported, three paid expansions are also planned for The Division with the first releasing in June. This summer and later in the year, the other two expansions are expected to release with even more content.

[Image via Ubisoft]