Trevor Noah Continues To Criticize Donald Trump On ‘The Daily Show’

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Trevor Noah may not be attracting many viewers, but he knows how to make an impression on what little audience he does have when it comes to talking about Donald Trump Monday evening. Deadline has the news.

“Noah pointed out TV news outlets played a big role in Trump’s rise. ‘Let’s talk about that piece of the media you are part of. You cannot deny Trump has been given a huge platform by the media.’ The host noted TV news outlets are so mad to get Trump on their air, they have let him phone in his interviews – a courtesy he said they have not extended to other candidates.”

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Salon said Trevor Noah’s bit on Donald Trump, where he also claimed Trump will f**k himself up, was his best yet. However, Noah warned the protesters (many who were Bernie Sanders supporters) that their interruption of Trump’s rallies plays into the hands of Trump’s victimization and that leftists want to shut down free speech. Marc Randazza of CNN also thought Trump’s protesters are in the wrong.

“Even the most ardent anti-Trump among us should lament that a political speech was canceled due to fears of violence. I would have preferred to hear the other candidates condemn that — even if Trump would never have done so himself.”

Randazza certainly isn’t a Trump supporter and indicates in his article that he thinks Trump is hypocritical about free speech. He, like Noah, just believes that the protests just make Trump a stronger candidate.

Last week, the Daily Beast reported that Trevor Noah had tried to educate Trump supporters about the KKK.

“‘One minute they were talking about whether or not Trump was cool with racism,’ The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah said Thursday night after playing a portion of the exchange for his viewers. ‘And the next thing you know, the Trump supporter is basically blaming the Klan on liberals.'”

Noah was referring to Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord repeatedly arguing that the KKK was nothing more than a tool of the political left on CNN. Noah was especially angry when Lord said the Klan lynched and killed African-Americans in order to further the progressive agenda.

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Before that, Noah claimed that Hillary Clinton was stealing all of Bernie Sander’s ideas, reported Mother Jones. He said that Hillary was “feeling the Bern,” but indicated that Sanders supporters shouldn’t be mad that Clinton has co-opted his ideas. Noah also said that Hillary Clinton, who kissed up to Wall Street and voted not to invade Iraq, is now running on the platform of equality, love, and kindness. He says Sanders has actually influenced Clinton in a very positive way.

Despite Trevor Noah’s efforts, many on Twitter still don’t find him very entertaining.

There is still a significant amount of people who think Trevor Noah has the potential to turn things around on The Daily Show and people just need to give him a chance. It’s important to note that while most of the reviews of his hosting at The Daily Show were initially bad, there are more critics coming to his defense lately. What do you think of Trevor Noah? Let us know in the comments section.

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