Trump’s Name Left Off Florida Ballots? Ohio Fraud? Accusations That Donald’s Name Missing Refuted By ‘Sample’ Ballot Photos

Paula Mooney - Author

Oct. 30 2018, Updated 4:53 a.m. ET

No sooner than Super Tuesday got into full swing did accusations of foul play start buzzing online about Donald Trump. The scuttlebutt is that Trump’s name was left off of ballots in Florida, setting the tone for another big Florida election controversy dating back to the days of George W. Bush and beyond. It’s like the “hanging” or “dangling chads” controversy, part deux.

Despite all the controversy about Trump’s name allegedly being left off of ballots in Florida, according to U.S. News, Florida officials say Trump’s name was not left off ballots.

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“Florida election officials said Tuesday that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s name was not left off ballots in a town in south Florida, despite a small number of voter complaints.”

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The rumor was seemingly begun by a Fox Business reporter and spread by Trump himself, who took to Twitter to say that he received a “lot of complaints” from would-be Trump voters saying that the Trump name isn’t on the ballot in Florida. While Trump wrote that he hoped the rumors were false, a Twitter reply gave Trump the famous “pics or it didn’t happen” response, which means to show the proof of the photos of Trump’s name missing from a Florida ballot — or it didn’t ring true.

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As a result, photos like the following began circulating online, with the photo showing a ballot without Trump’s name on the ballot. The text in the back proves it was a “sample” ballot. However, some are claiming that Trump’s name should also be on the sample ballots.

Photos of official ballots, however, show the name “Donald J. Trump,” as seen in the below photo from Twitter.

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A search for Twitter images after searching for the terms “Trump ballot” prove a myriad of responses from people circulating that same sample ballot without Trump’s name — to those claiming that Illinois required Trump’s name to be marked 7 times.

Whether Donald is setting the scene to explain away any Trump loses in crucial states like Ohio and Florida remains to be seen. Trump’s name not being on the ballot in some polling stations in Florida is being joined by rumors that Apopka voters in a suburb of Orlando were turned away due to running out of Republican ballots.

It was Jennifer Eckhart, whose Twitter account, @JenniferEckhart, describes her as a TV journalist and producer for Fox Business Network who reported news about the Trump ballots.

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Jennifer initially reported that Trump’s name was left off some Florida ballots, as reported by the Gateway Pundit‎ — which noted that “Jupiter County” didn’t exist, as Eckhart initially reported. Jennifer noted that it is illegal to share real photos of real ballots online.

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On Facebook, the rumors about Trump’s name being left off ballots in Florida is causing heated responses.

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“So Florida strikes again, leaving Donald trump off of the ballot in ‘some’ precincts, guess which ones, where Republicans are strong, otherwise it wouldn’t have been caught so soon! it’s time for the Governor to get into this fraud!”

“They are saying Trump is not on ballot in Jupiter!!!!”

“OK, I know that Florida leads the nation in un-/non-/anti-/faux-democratic processes, but somebody please tell me this is an Onion piece.”

“Ommpa Loompa doompety doo, Donald Trump I did not cast my ballot for you.”

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Via the same Facebook reports, there are claims that Ohio is experiencing issues with Trump as well — without valid proof of these claims from those posting the words.

In the above top photo of Trump, the Republican presidential candidate can be seen in Vienna, Ohio, on Monday, March 14.

[Photo by AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar]


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