Anti-Trump Ad Shows Women Repeating Donald's Negative Comments

Another Republican establishment group is attacking Donald Trump; this time by using his own negative comments about women against him.

The one-minute video titled "Real Quotes from Donald Trump About Women," was created by Our Principles PAC to highlight the Republican frontrunner's misogynistic tendencies.

"Bimbo. Dog. Fat pig."
Using comments Trump made 20 years ago all the way through to present day and his controversial presidential campaign, the ad shows women reading Donald's negative comments.
"I like kids. I mean, I won't do anything to take care of them. I'll supply funds and she'll take care of the kids."
Our Principles PAC, founded by Katie Packer, the former deputy campaign manager of Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign, plans to spend $500,000 to air the ad nationally as well as locally in Ohio and Florida. The group has already spent some $5.3 million to air campaign ads attacking the real estate mogul.

The newest anti-Trump ad highlights Donald's sexist and misogynistic tendencies he's shown throughout his presidential campaign.

Trump's early comments about Megyn Kelly, Rosie O'Donnell, Carly Fiorina, and Heidi Klum cemented his sexist views in the eyes of voters, but it may not have been enough to stop him claiming the Republican nomination.

In Massachusetts and Mississippi, polls showed 46 percent of women approved of Donald, while 45 percent of Nevada women also supported him, but Our Principles is hoping their latest ad will convince voters to choose another candidate.

"If you believe America deserves better vote against Donald Trump."
The Republican establishment is going all out to stop The Donald from claiming the Republican nomination and today's Super Duper Tuesday election could play a defining role.

If Donald wins all five states in Tuesday's election, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, and North Carolina, he can claim victory over Marco Rubio and John Kasich, leaving only Ted Cruz remaining.

Trump dismissed the latest ad attacking his Republican candidacy and said the polls show women continue to support his nomination, according to Yahoo News.

"It's a lot of sour grapes. Women, I'm leading by a lot, I'm doing really well in every category. I'm leading with women and I'm very happy about it."
Trump disputes the Republican establishment's claim that he doesn't like women, saying he supports women's health services through Planned Parenthood, but not abortions, according to CNN.
"I'm the exact opposite. I cherish women. I want to help women. I'm going to do things for women that no other candidate will be able to do. And it's very important to me."
This is only the latest ad to attack Trump using his own words.

Last week, another Republican establishment PAC tried to derail Donald's campaign with a 30-second commercial highlighting Trump's use of anti-presidential language.

In October, Friend Dog Studios published a hilarious YouTube video using real soundbites from the Republican front runner's campaign to create the slightly frightening Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump skit.

The Our Principles PAC was founded in January with the sole purpose of preventing Donald Trump from hijacking the Republican Party. The group has spent more than $12 million in its effort to derail Trump's campaign, but it hasn't worked so far.

With a 90 delegate lead, Donald is the clear leader in the Republican primary race.

What do you think? Did this latest anti-Trump ad change your vote in any way?

[Photo Credit: screen grab from Our Principles PAC]