March 15, 2016
'RHONJ' Jacqueline Ready To Expose Joe Giudice Cheating Scandal

The new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey hasn't aired yet, and already the drama has leaked out, and Jacqueline Laurita is ready to call out Joe Giudice for cheating on Teresa Giudice. After a cast trip to Vermont, the gloves are off and Jacqueline is ready to share the Giudice family's dirty little secrets.

According to The Inquisitr, Teresa Giudice is blindly loyal to her husband, and castmates can't see why, as evidence of Joe Giudice's infidelity has plagued the couple since the show started. Friends and family have taken photos, and even called Teresa Giudice when Joe was seen out and about with other women (often bar employees). Teresa Giudice has even said that she will follow Joe Giudice to Italy if he is deported for his crimes. Friends and fans have long wondered what it is that keeps Teresa from questioning Joe Giudice about infidelity.

Radar Online is reporting that Jacqueline Laurita feels she has no reason to keep the Giudice family secrets anymore. Insiders on RHONJ say that all of the women were getting along since Teresa Giudice got out of prison, but everything went south when they went to Vermont as a group. Newcomer Robyn Levy attacked Laurita, and Teresa and Melissa took her side. This caused Laurita to lose her temper and question why she had been keeping secrets for Teresa and Joe Giudice. Sources say that Laurita has been stressed lately, and she is questioning the loyalty of the Giudice family after so many people had her back during her prison stay.
"Jacqueline has been trying to stir things up behind the scenes this year."
Jacqueline Laurita has decided that the best way to get revenge is to spill everyone's secrets in a scorched earth effort to throw the Giudices under the bus.
"All of the rumors about Joe cheating on Teresa while she was in prison? Well, Jacqueline is ready to spill!"
Teresa Giudice is allegedly not concerned over what Laurita will say, because she doesn't believe any rumors of Joe Giudice's cheating anyway.
Radar Online is also revealing that Joe Giudice seems to be able to do whatever he wants, because Teresa Giudice has a blind spot for cheaters. As Joe Giudice prepares to do his time in prison, he is trying to get in some party time before he leaves, and since his wife Teresa can't drink while on probation, he is finding other party pals of the female persuasion.

Giudice, who goes by the creepy nickname "Juicy Joe" (maybe because of how his body shape resembles a grape?), has been photographed in bars with women other than his wife. Giudice, who has admitted to having a drinking problem, was throwing back drinks with a group of ladies in an area casino. It is unclear if Giudice will get treatment in prison for his drinking problems, or if quitting suddenly will cause health problems.

Teresa Giudice says that if Joe Giudice was a cheater, someone would have proved it to her by now, but friends say she won't believe any evidence of Joe Giudice's infidelity.

"We both want to be with each other," she admitted. "If we didn't want to be with each other, we wouldn't be."

Do you think that Joe Giudice on Real Housewives has cheated on Teresa Giudice in the past, and will prison stop the cheating?

[Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images]