Jenelle Evans’ Custody Battle With Nathan Griffith Begins Next Week, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars To Battle Over Kaiser

Jenelle Evans is about to find herself in an incredibly stressful situation. Not only is she trying to win Jace back from Barbara Evans, she is also taking Nathan Griffith to court for a custody arrangement for Kaiser. Evans has been raising Kaiser alone since the two split up last fall. With his second birthday approaching, things could get a little tense. Let Evans tell it, and Griffith hasn’t paid child support or seen his son in months. While there are some claims to the contrary, Kaiser remains exclusively living with his mom.

The custody battle between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith has been coming for quite some time. Their breakup was less than pleasant, with Evans getting charged with assault against Griffith’s new girlfriend. In fact, the court case is still active on that one. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans will be in court next week for the custody battle. There will be an attempt for mediation first, but that likely won’t happen. If both Evans and Griffith can agree on everything, an arrangement can be made without a judge. Given the history between these two, it is unlikely that things will go smoothly.

Aside from a custody arrangement being looked into, Jenelle Evans is also suing Nathan Griffith for child support. She is wanting a hefty sum, including back pay from the date they split. Rumors have circulated that she is looking to have his military pay garnished, along with whatever he is making from appearing on Teen Mom 2 this season. Evans is out for revenge, especially since Griffith replaced her immediately after their split. There have been accusations that he was cheating on her, though nothing substantial has been proven. Because they were never married, the custody battle and child support cases could get messy.

Teen Mom 2 will premiere Monday night, just hours after Jenelle Evans goes to court for the first time. Since the new season will show how life has been since the split from Nathan Griffith, fans are eager to see what has been happening. Evans is still talking about getting custody of Jace back, but Barbara Evans isn’t going to give up that easily. She has seen the destruction her daughter’s decisions have caused, and Jenelle’s temper isn’t always in check. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans is feuding with her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. While Leah Messer is staying out of it, Evans has taken on both Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry. The reunion show is set to tape at some point this week, and Evans will have to see these ladies all together.

Before going in front of the judge, Jenelle Evans should consider everything she stands to lose if she is unreasonable. Nathan Griffith won’t play fair during the custody battle. He has proven that he is willing to do underhanded things to get his way. Evans went out of town and came back to her car being gone. While Griffith was also on the title, he waited until she was gone to sneak in and take it from her. This all went down a few weeks ago, and Evans has since gotten new wheels. It will be interesting to see which way the former couple is going to approach raising Kaiser and co-parenting. The other couples on Teen Mom 2 seems to co-parent rather well, but they also haven’t had as much drama as Evans has had. Family and friends are reportedly worried that Griffith will paint a terrible picture of Evans and how she is with Kaiser. His statements coupled with Evans’ arrest records and history of drug abuse could make for damaging testimony. Jenelle Evans has an uphill battle ahead, especially if she takes on both Barbara Evans and Nathan Griffith at once.

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