Duggar Friends Turning On The Family? Holt Family Seemingly Agrees That Josh Duggar Is A Phony, Needs Accountability Nanny

With news from the Duggar family that disgraced son Josh Duggar has left rehab and returned to Arkansas, many have questioned if Josh received the help he needed and if he should be trusted with the younger Duggar children. In a recent interview, the Duggars note that though they have forgiven Josh for his past behaviors, they are not fully ready to trust him. Therefore, some have said that they hope this means that Josh will not be left alone with any of the Duggar children and will have a round-the-clock accountability nanny. While comments like this are not unexpected from groups that are openly critical of the Duggar family, it is unexpected that a former friend of the Duggar family would publicly follow the page and ultimately “like” the post about Josh Duggar being a “phony.”

The Facebook page Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles And Hairspray posted about the Duggar family’s recent interview in People Magazine, in which they admit that they don’t fully trust Josh and that the trust must be earned over time. In fact, when asked about Josh’s rehabilitation, the Duggar family resoundingly said that they do not trust their older brother. Both Jessa Seewald and Joy claimed that though they have forgiven Josh for the molestation and pain that he has brought the family, neither say they trust him. Jessa says the trust must be earned.

“I definitely have forgiven Josh. It is a process, though, that you have to work through in your heart. And trust is not quickly rebuilt. It is something that takes a while. We love him very much, though, and we are very hopeful for the future.”

Similarly, Joy noted that “trust is not there.”

“I have forgiven him and I feel that, but the trust is not there.”

With both sisters adamant about forgiveness but stating unequivocally that they do not trust their older brother, the Pickles and Hairspray group voiced their hope that this non-trust meant that Josh would be watched closely with all of the Duggar children and that he would not be given the opportunity to harm his family members again.

“I am going to run with that and believe they won’t trust Josh to be left alone with his or other young children. As they’ve said, they thought they knew Josh but realized he was a phony. Duggars, take your own advice and don’t trust Josh to be left alone with children. Hire a full-time, round the clock accountability nanny to shadow Josh. Let’s not the abuse of Josh’s own children be the next scandal.”

When the page made the critical post about Josh Duggar, an unexpected “like” appeared on the post. So unexpected that the page itself pointed out who had taken to their page to show support. The “liker” was none other than Jim Holt, a former good friend of the Duggars. Holt was so close to the Duggars that his teen daughter was set to marry Josh.

“An engagement was arranged between Josh Duggar and Kaeleigh Holt, the daughter of Jim Bob’s long-time friend and fellow Arkansas Republican House of Representatives member Jim Holt. The Duggar family contributed thousands of dollars to Holt’s political campaigns, including a $650 donation made by the 14-year-old Josh Duggar in 2002.”

Jim Holt Family in 2004

It was rumored that the Holt daughter was the fifth molestation victim, but those reports have never been fully confirmed. Similarly, rumors have circulated that when Josh Duggar was caught watching porn while working on an undisclosed politician’s campaign, that the politician was Jim Holt who ran for Senate around the time of the porn scandal.

Interestingly, after Jim Holt’s failed campaign, which some have blamed on Josh Duggar, the Duggars and Holts became distant. The “arranged marriage” between Holt’s daughter and Josh was called off, and the families parted ways. Now, the former Duggar bestie is on Facebook, “liking” posts about Josh Duggar being a “phony” who needs a 24/7 accountability nanny.

Young teenager Josh Duggar with Kaeleigh Holt [Photo credit: screen captures from Discovery Health Channel Duggar family specials]

What do you think about the Duggar family friends turning on them now that Josh Duggar is out of rehab? Do you think Josh Duggar received the help he needs in the Christian-based facility or do you agree with Pickles and Hairspray that Josh needs a full-time accountability nanny to ensure he does not harm any more of the Duggars?

[Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]