WWE News: Vince McMahon And Triple H Reportedly Disagree On What Match Should Main Event ‘WrestleMania 32’

When it comes to WrestleMania, it is uncertain what will happen each year. We always see WWE pull something out that surprises, as they don’t want people to go home unhappy. However, they have had to change plans for WrestleMania the last two years because of fan backlash to the original main event. They gave us the Daniel Bryan story for WresteMania 30, and had Seth Rollins cash in Money in the Bank last year.

Each time WWE ended up giving fans what they wanted, so this year the same could happen. However, that is uncertain, as WWE seems very big on the idea of having Roman Reigns take the WWE World Heavyweight Title in the main event of the show. However, Vince McMahon does not want to have the show end in boos, and that very well could be the very reason why both he and Triple H are going back and forth on what should main event WrestleMania.

According to Daily Wrestling News, the two sides disagree on what should close the show. Vince feels that Brock Lesnar should close, since he is the clear star that the company has right now and they are paying him a lot to be in the company, so they should get a lot out of him while they can. The problem that management has is that he is going against Dean Ambrose and they have not spent a lot of time making him into a major star for the company.

Lesnar Heyman

The major issue is that Lesnar is not facing another star, but many do see that this match could steal the show regardless. There is still concern that this match is not big enough to main event, but there are many fans who would disagree. Vince is not technically against Ambrose in any way, but he really wanted a bigger name to face Lesnar this year. The idea WWE had last year was for him to face off with The Rock.

Due to a movie he is filming, Rock is contractually unable to wrestle a match for the WWE. That meant he had to miss WrestleMania this year match wise, but it is said that he very well could wrestle next year at WrestleMania 33. He is going to be at the show this year, regardless. Lesnar vs Ambrose is worthy of main eventing, but the starpower of Ambrose is the real problem for WWE right now.

Triple H, meanwhile, reportedly wants his title defense against Roman Reigns to main event, because of course he does. However, Vince McMahon is said to be losing faith in Reigns as the top star of the company. Who can blame him? The fact is that ever since the company has put their company on Reigns, the fans have not cared for the idea and have fought against it. The main reason was because there are so many others better than Reigns, such as Seth Rollins, who the company could put the company on.

HHH Reigns

At least with John Cena, he was well into top guy status before being booed in some arenas. Plus he is a great mic worker, where Roman Reigns suffers when you put a mic in his hand. He actually loses fans when he speaks, it seems.

By the time boos occurred for Cena, he was already a built draw that was making the WWE a lot of money. Meanwhile, Reigns has turned people off and cost the company in some ways with the fans. Regardless, the company has always been under a “title goes on last” movement. The last time WWE did not feature the title in the main event was WrestleMania 28, which featured The Rock’s return to WrestleMania against John Cena.

Many in management feel the logical main event for the show is Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker, as a win for Shane guarantees a change in the WWE for a long time and that is a major thing. However, it all truly depends on how the company plans to go with the match. It is said that the title match or the Hell in a Cell match are really the only two capable of main eventing the show, simply because one is the title and the other is a major company altering match. Regardless, Vince is not quite sold on Reigns nowadays and that could shift the card a bit, however Vince is known for overthinking the card and making several changes even on the day of the show at times. So a lot could change from now to then.

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