Woman In Ohio Allegedly Tries To Break Into Jail – Wants To Be Arrested

On Monday, July 30, 2012, Tiffany Hurd, 36, was arrested for allegedly trying to break into the Butler County, Ohio jail. The woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. Police reported that Ms. Hurd was drunk when the incident occurred.

Ms. Hurd’s mis-adventure began earlier, when a corrections officer reported that he encountered the woman as he was leaving the jail at the end of his shift. He said that Ms. Hurd was lying on the ground near the jail fence. When the officer instructed the woman to move, she refused and said, “I want to be arrested.”

Apparently her first attempt at three meals a day and a cot failed, but Hurd didn’t take no for an answer. Later in the morning, she was seen by deputies trying to climb over the jail’s barbed wire fence. NBC station WLWT in Cincinnati reported that Hurd repeated her demands, once again yelling at deputies, “I want to be arrested.”

The jail staff tried several more times to get Ms.Hurd to leave, but they were finally forced take the young woman at her word and arrest her. She is now awaiting criminal proceedings in a cozy cell at the Butler County Jail.


Even the local Sheriff was shocked by Ms.Hurd’s behavior. “Her actions really caught me by surprise,” said Sheriff Jones. “I know the economy is bad right now, but I didn’t think it was so bad that someone would actually try to break IN to jail. I’ve seen a lot throughout my career, but this one is truly unique. I will probably never say that I’ve now ‘seen it all,’ but this one sure comes close. You just never really know what some people are thinking and why they do some of the things they do. Wow—I wonder what the next surprise will be.”

Earlier this week in North Carolina, Rodney Dwayne Valentine, 37, was re-arrested after being released from jail, after he demanded police give him a ride to a local motel. He wouldn’t take no for an answer either and police ended up charging him with second-degree trespassing. Mr.Valentine was quickly returned to the cell he had vacated only a few minutes earlier.

It is a shame that the old school television program, That Was The Week That Was, went off the air in 1963. The satirical TV program, affectionately known as TW3, would have delighted in the escapades of Hurt and Valentine. One can only imagine how TW3, hosted by David Frost, a master of merciless sarcasm, would have reported this story. We hope Ms. Hurd and Mr. Valentine don’t end up as the subject of jokes by Conan O’ Brien and David Letterman on late night television, since Mitt Romney’s blunders in London are no longer current news.