March 15, 2016
'Spawn' Movie Script Update By Todd McFarlane Teases Twitch, Debates Who Is The Real Star

Todd Mcfarlane gave an update and teased his Spawn movie script. He gave a brief education on how Hollywood script writing works and also teased a screen view of his monitor revealing page 59, according to He's currently 132 pages into the script, but he says he plans on trimming it down some by removing a couple of scenes.

The teased Spawn movie script page showed a character's name, Twitch. For those unfamiliar with character lore in the comic books, there is a Maximilian Steven Percival "Twitch" Williams III, who is a detective. He was also part of a Spawn spinoff comic called Sam and Twitch. He is characterized as the "brains" of the detective duo, according to Spawn Wikia.

If you put two-and-two together, the scene looks to be of Twitch and a cohort by the name of Danny driving up to the detective's apartment complex. From the dialogue, Danny seems taken aback by the living conditions. However, Twitch says "that it wasn't much." That's what can be gleaned from the movie script, although some fans may interpret things differently.

Twitch is in a Spawn story arc in the Curse of the Spawn event, where he and Sam encounter the supervillain Suture when both attempt to solve a case. It's not known if this story arc will have any influence on Todd McFarlane's script. One can only speculate, as he could be creating an entirely new story with the aforementioned character.

A month ago on Cinema Blend, Todd McFarlane gave an idea of how Spawn will interact with the environment. He likened it to more of a "The Departed meets Paranormal Activity" situation and cited a mix of genres that will make it more of a "horror/suspense/supernatural" film.

During his recent Facebook update of the script, a fan referred back to McFarlane's statement on who would be the real star of the film if it goes the direction of the Curse of the Spawn arc. He also questioned if it is more of a Sam and Twitch movie. It was then asked who would wind up really being the main character of the movie.

"That means SPAWN will be not really the main character in this movie and it's more like the Curse of the Spawn Sam & Twitch Story?"

Todd gave a very insightful response and offered a perspective of how these characters are being viewed by comparing them to movies like Jaws, Halloween, and so on.

"I guess it depends on your perspective. Was Jaws the main character of his movie? Or was it sheriff Brody? Was Michael Myers the main character of The Halloween film or was it Jamie Lee Curtis? Depending up in your answer to the above will define who is the star of the script."

The only character in the comics that comes close to "Danny" is Daniel Llanso, who was a juvenile living on the moon. So chances are that this could be the same "Danny" is quite far reaching, but you never know.

According to Cinema Blend, it seems that the focus of Spawn won't be on his origins or even his actions, but more so about how he "affects the world at large."

Todd stated that it'll probably be another week to get the script down to 120 pages, since that's typical for Hollywood movie scripts. The Spawn script seems to be no exception.

"I call this sort of my First pass at the first rough draft. This'll be draft two in probably in about another week."

Todd said that after he has a couple of people read over and suggest critiques, he'll "hook" two actors and then attempt to move forward with the project.

So the Spawn movie writing process looks to be nearing completion, and it's great that Todd is keeping in touch and being open with his fans on social media.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]