NASA's Apollo 12 Photo Shows Pentagon Black Project TR3B-Type Alien UFO Observing Moon Landing, According To UFO Hunters [Video]

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Online UFO hunters claim to have spotted in an old NASA photograph taken during the Apollo 12 moon landing in 1969, a TR3B-type stealth UFO lurking in dark lunar skies and observing the lunar landing.

TR3B-type UFOs are of special interest to members of the online UFO community because it is widely believed that TR3B-type alien UFOs recovered from UFO crash sites on Earth inspired the design of advanced USAF stealth reconnaissance aircraft and Pentagon "black project" crafts of the TR-3 series, including the TR-3A Black Manta, and the TR-3B Aurora and Astra, otherwise known in UFO circles as "Black Triangle" UFOs.

The existence of USAF TR-3s has been the subject of conspiracy theory speculation since the first claimed sightings of TR-3s over the Antelope Valley in southern California.

UFO and black project conspiracy theorists believe that advanced versions of the TR-3B series capable of spaceflight were developed under Pentagon "black projects" using technology derived from reverse-reengineering of alien UFO flying saucers recovered from various crash sites, such as the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash.

Alien hunters claim that the NASA image from the Apollo 12 moon landing shows a TR3B-type alien UFO observing NASA's moon landing. The image was first uploaded to YouTube from the Lunar and Planetary Institute's website by UFO hunter Jason Hunter in October 2015 (see YouTube video below).

The TR3B-type alien UFO was apparently observing the 1969 landing from a safe distance in dark lunar skies.

But Waring argued that the UFO in the Apollo 12 landing was only a TR3B-type alien UFO and not a TR-3B developed under alien UFO technology reverse-reengineering Pentagon "black projects."

"I don't think this is USAF in this craft, but clearly it is a ship watching from a distance," he writes.

But like fellow black project conspiracy theorists, Waring believes that the Pentagon's alleged TR-3 series of stealth crafts were developed using technology derived from reverse-engineered alien UFO spacecraft.

Secureteam10 has a history of researching TR-3s believed in UFO circles to be stealth reconnaissance airplanes of the USAF under black projects. Although there is no proof that TR-3As -- such as the Black Manta -- and TR-3Bs -- such as the Aurora and Astra -- exist, black project conspiracy theorists claim that authenticated sightings prove they exist.

Black project conspiracy theorists claim that Pentagon TR-3s were the result of the work of government scientists and engineers who reverse-engineered alien flying saucer UFOs recovered from UFO crash sites and stored in top-secret research bases, such as the Area 51 facility in Nevada. Conspiracy theorists also claim that the advanced concepts of stealth reconnaissance aircraft were derived from alien flying saucer UFOs.

Rumors about the existence of TR-3s are linked to multiple reported sightings of mysterious crafts flying over Antelope Valley, a remote desert area in southern California close to major military research bases believed to be used by the USAF to test new advanced aircraft.

The TR-3B series are more mysterious crafts which black project conspiracy theorists term "Black Triangle" UFOs. Conspiracy theorists insist that TR-3Bs exist despite skeptics arguing there is no evidence to support the claims.

Types of TR-3B "Black Triangle" UFOs, which UFO conspiracy theorists claim have been spotted multiple times, include the TR-3B Aurora and the Astra.

The TR-3B Astra is believed to be an advanced version of TR-3B Aurora. Both crafts were the product of a top-secret black budget program to develop nuclear-powered stealth craft capable of flying and hovering silently in the air like alien UFOs.

Several sightings of mysterious Black Triangles have been claimed, including a sighting in February-March 2014 in Kansas and Texas. Several photos were allegedly snapped by amateur photographers.

Many UFO experts believe that the famous "Phoenix lights" seen over Phoenix, Arizona, in March 1997, were from Black Triangles. Other famous sightings include the "St. Clair Triangle" seen over several towns in southern Illinois in January 2000.

Sightings have also been reported in Europe, such as the so-called Belgian UFO wave in 1990. Some UFO enthusiasts also believe that the UFO craft seen at Rendlesham Forest, U.K., in 1980, was a Black Triangle UFO.

Many members of the UFO community believe that advanced TR-3Bs based on alien flying saucer UFO technology are capable of operating in space outside Earth's atmosphere. There have been rumors in the UFO community over the years of sightings of TR3B-type flying saucers on the moon suspected to be Pentagon's.

The Inquisitr reported in June 2015 that UFO hunters claimed to have spotted a TR3B-type flying saucer apparently abandoned in a lunar crater. According to Secureteam10, images of the lunar surface taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) show a TR3B-type UFO in a lunar crater. UFO hunters were uncertain whether the TR3B-type UFO was an alien UFO or a Pentagon black project adaptation of alien UFO technology.

Evidence that NASA astronauts saw UFOs during the Apollo missions comes from transcripts and video recordings of their conversations, conspiracy theorists claim. But skeptics have dismissed the claims, saying that conspiracy theorists have taken comments by astronauts out of context.

But UFO hunters have responded, saying that the denials are part of a grand conspiracy orchestrated by government to hide the truth about aliens and alien UFOs from the public.

The latest claim of TR3B-type UFO sighting has sparked a debate in the online UFO community, with many UFO enthusiasts confirming that the Apollo 12 mission image shows a TR3B-type UFO.

But skeptics have dismissed the claim and raised questions about why NASA would cover-up information about aliens and UFOs.

"Why would NASA want to withhold information? Wouldn't this help keep them in business? And why would other countries do the same? I believe you're right or on to something, I'm just trying to make sense of this," a skeptic comments.

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