Selena Gomez’s New Edgy Hairstyle

Selena Gomez has a new edgy hairstyle, as revealed on the 20-year-old’s Facebook page.

Gomez, who is currently dating pint-sized pop mewler Justin Bieber, announced on her Twitter feed (see below) that the new ‘do was for her role in a movie, and that she had tweaked her barnet to fit with the character of the film. (She’s a method actor, you see, in the same vein as De Niro, Nicholson, Pacino.)

Gomez is set to play the character of the ‘Kid’ in upcoming movie The Getaway, which also stars Ethan Hawke, Jon Voight and Bruce Payne. The action-thriller is being directed by Courtney Solomon and Yaron Levy, and began shooting in May in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In other news from the Gomez camp, the former Disney star has apparently been urged to dump Bieber for treating her poorly. According to a source who spoke to ShowbizSpy, Bieber reportedly tells Gomez she is ‘beyond lucky’ to have him as a boyfriend:

“He’s so arrogant and immature at times. Her friends keep telling her to just dump him for good already.”

Apparently, Bieber is one for big romantic gestures (such as renting the Staples Center for a private screening of Titanic), and Gomez is a sucker for such stunts:

“Those kind of gestures go a long way with her. But she probably won’t put up with him much longer.”