Kirsten Dunst Gets The 'Twilight' Treatment By Taylor Lautner On 'Ellen' [NSFW]

Monday on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Kirsten Dunst was delighted to receive the Twilight treatment by Taylor Lautner when he swept up an ear-to-ear grinning Kirsten in his arms and carried her on stage. The moment was a recreation of the iconic Twilight scene when a shirtless Jacob carried Bella off to safety.

Kirsten had admitted this was her favorite scene from the Twilight movies and Lautner seemed more than happy to oblige. Only some fans will say the moment between Dunst and Lautner wasn't quite perfect. Lautner, who played the hunky werewolf in love with Bella, kept his shirt on this time, hiding those perfect abs he has become known for. Having won MTV's award for "Best shirtless performance," this was quite the travesty for "Team Jacob" fans everywhere.

The 33-year-old actress also dished to Ellen about being a child star and doing nearly 100 commercials. She started acting and modeling at the age of three, her first commercial being Kix cereal. Ellen asked Kirsten if she remembered doing her first commercial.

"I don't think so," Kirsten admitted to Ellen.

What really got Kirsten's acting career rolling was her role as child vampire Claudia on Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. Her golden curls, doll-like features, and sweet voice made her perfect for the role. At 11-years-old, Dunst received her first kiss from Brad Pitt on Interview with the Vampire, who was 18-years her senior. Kirsten had told Conan O'Brien back in 2014 the kiss "was disgusting."

Kirsten also chatted to Ellen about the "male" cat she rescued. Dunst told Ellen and a laughing audience how a friend of her's had pointed out how small the cat's balls were. A vet later revealed the cat was a female, and Kirsten named her Tia.

Ellen went on to congratulate Dunst on her long and successful career. Besides Interview with the Vampire, Kirsten has starred in blockbusters such as Spider-Man, Jumanji, Marie Antoinnette, and Bring it On. Kristen Dunst also received the top actress award from Festival de Cannes for her role as pathologically depressed Justine in Melancholia.

More recently, Kirsten played the mother of chosen child, Alton, in the Science Fiction film Midnight Special. The style icon wore soccer mom jeans and no makeup for her role.

"Jeff [Nichols] is a special filmmaker because he takes stuff that's yes, a little Close Encounters, yes a little of this, yes I cut my braid off like in Terminator..." Kirsten told the Huffington Post regarding director of Midnight Special, Jeff Nichols.

"He takes everything he loves and then he makes it just Jeff, and that's a very hard thing to do when you are referencing. I mean, his eyes are glowing, it's like E.T. instead of his finger, there's so many things that are inspirational," Kirsten added.

Dunst is also receiving praise for her role on the second season of FX's hit TV show Fargo. Kirsten plays Peggy Blumquist, and Esquire describes her character as a "stuck-in-a-rut hairdresser, equal parts sympathetic and psychotic."

"She's a wild character," Kirsten told Esquire of her role as Peggy. "Nothing can kill her. Nothing can stop her."

Peggy should be a character you hate, but fans can't help but rooting for her. Kirsten told Ellen she watches Fargo with her mom, who became so nervous during the first episode Dunst had to assure her mom "I don't die."

Kirsten's mom isn't the only fan of her Fargo character, Peggy. Critics are also taking notice and Kirsten was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress for a TV Movie or Limited Series award.

Kirsten Dunst has no doubt had many highlights in her 30-year-long career. And unlike her debut in the Kix cereal commercial, none of them are forgettable. No doubt Kirsten's Twilight moment with Taylor Lautner on Ellen will be another one of those unforgettable memories for this iconic actress.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]