Is Nylabone Safe For Dogs? Seizures Mentioned In Viral Facebook Post Cause Concern

Is Nylabone safe for dogs?

A rumor that Nylabone may cause seizures in dogs has the popular brand going on the defense this week. While there have been stories of dogs chewing on Nylabones and having seizures, a new claim posted on Facebook has gone viral and is causing dog owners concern.

Facebook users have been sharing this post, many becoming very worried that their beloved pets may be in danger. While there may seem to be some kind of correlation between Nylabone products and dogs having seizures, it’s important to remember that many people who own a pup have had a Nylabone in their home at one time or another. The brand has been around for decades and is well-trusted.

Given the brand’s longevity and recommendations by veterinarians, it’s safe to assume that many dogs who have had seizures (including ones diagnosed with epilepsy) have chewed a Nylabone at some point.

Nylabone has heard of the Facebook post and has reacted to the rumors. The company posted the following message on their website on March 11, defending their brand.

“Recently there has been some misinformation about the safety of our products circulating on Facebook. This negative information is incorrect, and we would like to set the record straight. All of our products are made from Non-Toxic, Pet-Safe materials and are designed for the specific chewing style and size of your dog. From gentle teething puppies to extreme power chewers, Nylabone has a chew for every dog. At Nylabone, we pride ourselves on being the leader in responsible animal care for over 50 years. Nylabone stands for quality in chews and treats. It is our goal to exceed consumer expectations for our products in innovation, safety, quality, and the enjoyment of the people and pets we serve.”

Nylabone has a wide variety of bones for all different kind of chewers. They have very hard bones that are quite difficult for even the toughest chewer to dent and they also have a line called “FlexiChew,” which is a softer bone (this is the brand believed to be in the Facebook photo above). Most of their items are flavored as well, which makes them super popular amongst all different breeds.

Nylabone seizures

There seem to be a few consumer complaints on the internet about these products, particularly with dogs needing surgery due to — what owners claim to be — fragments of these bones in their dogs’ digestive tracts. A simple internet search will pull up pages like this one, in which there are a few stories told of dogs with similar issues.

As far as Nylabones and seizures go, there doesn’t seem to be any scientific research that links one to the other. A dog could have a seizure for a multitude of reasons and it could happen at any time. If your pup has a seizure while gnawing on a Nylabone, you may immediately draw a correlation. However, without any factual research, it is hard to blame the product without a shadow of a doubt.

It is important to remember that there isn’t such a thing as an “indestructible” dog toy. Some dog somewhere will be able to get through even the toughest of material and any toy can be ingested and cause harm to your pet. It is important to keep an eye on the items that your pup plays with and make sure that you dispose of bones when they appear worn.

If you have any questions or concerns about Nylabone products, you can contact them at (855) 273-7527.

[Photo by Effie Orfanides]