No DNA Found On Knife On OJ Simpson Property, LAPD Says Final Word Is Not In

Once again, the verdict is in, and it’s not guilty for DNA found on the knife in the yard of OJ Simpson. The buck knife found on the Brentwood estate of OJ Simpson by a construction worker is all done being tested, and there is nothing that connects it with Simpson.

According to the Inquisitr, the knife was found on OJ Simpson’s Rockingham estate back in 1998, when the house was being demolished. A construction worker found it and turned it over to an off-duty LAPD officer who oddly never turned it in. When he requested the OJ Simpson trial case number to inscribe on a plaque, notice was taken, and the officer was told to turn the knife in for testing. The LAPD wanted to test the knife found on the Simpson estate for DNA, fingerprints, and more.

TMZ broke the original story that the knife found on the Simpson estate was finally in the possession of the LAPD for testing. However, a link between OJ Simpson and the knife has hit a dead end. This is not saying that there was never any DNA on the knife, but the microbes in the soil degraded any DNA that might have originally been on the knife when it was buried on the Simpson estate.

But the question is still being asked whether this could be the knife that killed Nicole Brown Simpson. Sadly, it looks like we will never know.

E! Online believes it is fortuitous that the knife found on the Simpson estate has come to the front right now, and it certainly gave a boost to the OJ Simpson miniseries The People vs OJ Simpson. The testing of the knife brings many back to the days of the low-speed Bronco chase and leather gloves that did not fit over OJ’s Simpson’s hand.

The property at 360 N. Rockingham was razed in 1998, and that was when the buck knife turned up. It is possible that if the knife was tested on that day, no DNA would have turned up if it was indeed buried back in 1994. Even if there was DNA linking it to OJ Simpson, it would have been in the soil for four years.

And then there is the part of American criminal law known as double jeopardy, which means that even if something had been detected linking Simpson to the knife, he could not have been tried again for any crime committed with that knife, including the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

But the Wrap says that the LAPD is refuting the claims by TMZ that nothing of merit was found on the buck knife on the Simpson estate. The LAPD is throwing a flag on the claim by TMZ that nothing of merit has been found on the knife located on the Simpson estate on Rockingham.

The spokesman for the LAPD says that a final report has not been submitted to him. The spokesman says “that he has not received any such information yet from the crime lab.”

Either there is a leak in the lab that is testing the knife found on the Simpson property, or TMZ has jumped the gun to get the story.

OJ Simpson is currently serving a 33-year sentence in a Las Vegas prison for armed robbery and kidnapping associated with a sports memorabilia event. Simpson went to a hotel room to get back signed sports memorabilia that he believed belonged to him. Ironically if Simpson had not brought a gun along while committing the crime, he might be out by now.

The LAPD says that the testing on the knife found at the Brentwood estate of OJ Simpson should be completed soon.

Do you think that there is a leak in the testing of the knife associated with the OJ Simpson case?

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