Kristen Stewart’s Apology Made Things Worse, Hollywood PR Experts Say

After Kristen Stewart was snapped kissing Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, she issued a near-immediate apology owning up to the behavior (well, it was kind of hard not to considering that there was extensive photographic evidence of the clandestine canoodling) and instead of blaming drugs, alcohol or loneliness due to crazy actor schedules for the smooch, she simply apologized to her co-star and boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

But Kristen Stewart didn’t seem to get away with the tryst, as Pattinson reportedly moved out shortly thereafter. Still, Stewart gets points for honesty after the scandal, doesn’t she? Not so fast, experts on Hollywood scandals and damage control say.

While KStew did apologize profusely and in a seemingly heartfelt manner for her transgression, celeb PR bigwigs say that her “sorry” may have done more harm than good where her public image is concerned. It may seem shady, but one expert says there’s a reason why celebrities don’t own up to misdeeds so readily and publicly:

“The only thing more stupid than being famous and cheating in public is admitting it and issuing a public apology… Most celebrities are advised to ignore it or issue statements saying the pictures were taken out of context. Everyone in Hollywood is asking why she confessed to this so fast.”

Another clucking PR guru says that Stewart’s tearful apology nearly guarantees the story will remain on front pages for weeks to come:

“This was career suicide… Because of her statement, Us Weekly [which had the exclusive images] was up 25 percent in newsstand sales. The number guarantees the story will be on the weekly covers again this week.”

The cleanup whiz continues:

“If Kristen thought the statement would get ahead of the story and suck the oxygen out of the fire, she is wrong. She just poured gas on the fire.”

Do you respect Kristen Stewart more for apologizing publicly to to Robert Pattinson, or would she have been better off keeping quiet on the scandal?