Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner Romance Was A Stunt: Catch Up Selena Gomez

Harry Styles is rarely out of the gossip columns. Through the years, One Direction star Harry has been linked with pretty much every beautiful woman on the planet, and the next rumor is never far away. One Direction fans will not need to be reminded that Styles was linked with Kendall Jenner around New Year, when the pair were photographed together on a super-yacht at the Caribbean island of St. Barts. As was widely reported at the time, it was strongly suspected that the rumors of a romance between Jenner and Styles were no more than a PR stunt.

As was reported in The Inquisitr at the time, some media outlets even suggested that Styles had been paid to be photographed with Kendall in an attempt to head off media speculation that Jenner was set to “come-out.”

Just days after Harry and Kendall were spotted together, The Sun seemed to put the rumors of a new “Hendall” romance to bed when they reported that London stylist Pandora Lennard was supposedly spotted leaving Harry’s home, having stayed the night. Just days after that, we saw The Daily Mail claim that Jenner was spotted “fleeing” Jeff Azoff’s birthday party after Harry “two-timed” her with Lennard.

At that point, Styles fans breathed a sigh of relief, believing that we had seen the last of the stories linking Harry and Kendall. Sadly not. Despite the fact that Styles and Jenner have not been seen anywhere near each other for the best part of two months, the baseless rumors rumble on. Despite all evidence to the contrary, some outlets seem desperate to link Styles and Jenner on even the flimsiest of evidence.

The Mirror reports today that Jenner’s pal Selena Gomez said in an interview with Capital FM that she is the only one of the Taylor Swift crew that is single. There you go: that means Kendall must be dating Harry Styles. Apparently!

The Mirror is not the only outlet to link Styles and Jenner as a result of Gomez’s comment, The Daily Mail, gets in on the act as well.

Morning News joins in the fun by speculating that Harry is “the one,” seemingly based on a comment made by Jenner’s sister Khloe some months ago.

“With this, the media is now in a frenzy on who Jenner’s secret boyfriend can be. There is a strong conviction that Harry Styles could be the one. Jenner’s older sister Khloe Kardashian once said that the two are really dating, even though she does not know what their relationship status is.”

It is mind-boggling how little it takes for the media to link Styles with a new romance. Harry’s fans get extremely frustrated, especially when they firmly believe that “Styles and Jenner” was never anything more than a PR stunt in the first place. If Harry’s fans get frustrated, one can only imagine how Styles feels about it all.

The reality is that Jenner has been linked with Chris Brown and Cristiano Ronaldo as well as Styles in recent months, but some elements of the media return to speculation about Harry time and again. Perhaps no-one has told the media that Harry and his One Direction bandmates are supposed to be on a break right now.

In other Styles news, it seems that Harry managed to draw some unwelcome attention in London over the weekend. According to The Sun, Harry parked his car illegally whilst he popped into a store and returned to find he had been hit with a £70 [$100] parking ticket. Whilst Harry looked less than amused, hitting Styles with a ticket seemed to have made the parking attendant’s day, as he grinned from ear-to-ear.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]