‘Bates Motel’ Spoilers: Norman Bates’ Mental Issue To Be Diagnosed

Bates Motel has been leading up to diagnosing Norman Bates, and this season they are going to take it to that point. It is obvious that Norman Bates has a mental illness, and during season 4, they are going to actually going to diagnose Norman after he heads to a doctor. This has everyone curious how close to the truth they will end up going with what they call the illness Norman Bates is suffering from on Bates Motel. IGN shared the details of how it will all go down after visiting the set of Bates Motel and talking to Nestor Carbonell, who plays Sheriff Romero.

Nestor Carbonell explained that they will explore Norman Bates mental health this season and he is very happy with the way that it all turned out.

“What’s great about the season is that we explore mental health and it doesn’t sound so cinematic, but really the way that it’s been written explores treatment and I think it needed to be addressed at some point. At some point Norma has to realize, ‘OK, I obviously can’t let this go on.’ So we do explore that in depth and it’s beautifully done and that’s the world…. There are definitely shortages and you know the expense and the complexity of it. You can’t categorize it into one person in one way, you know it’s complex.”

They have now developed Norman Bates into a very complex character that is feared by viewers. Bates Motel fans have watched Bates change over the seasons, and his mental illness has developed. After a short visit to a mental hospital, they are now working on finding the perfect doctor to get a diagnosis for him and the help that Norman Bates needs.

Carbonell also mentioned that Norman Bates is incredibly smart. It will be very interesting to see if he uses this to manipulate people. Everyone is also curious to see if his character Sheriff Romero can be convinced to marry Norma Bates. Tonight, he did say he will do it, but everyone wants to watch it all go down. He shared his thoughts about this romance on Bates Motel.

“I think it’s safe to say that he’s obviously been smitten for a while. This year the writers came up with an incredible device by which we’re sort of forced to be together, and then we’ll see what unfolds after that, if forcing us to be together in an unconventional way to be together will pave the way for something more emotional…. I think his thing with her has always been about trust. He can read through it. All he wants her to do is just trust him. Once that barrier is down, she won’t have to lie and do all that stuff.”

Beyond just looking at Norman Bates’ mental state this season, viewers will get to know a new character, which is Dr. Edwards (Damon Gupton) at Pineview Institute. Norma Bates will go to him to get her son the help he needs. It does sound like he could be the one who gets to the bottom of Norman Bates’ mental illness and what is going on with him.

AV Club shared what happened on Bates Motel tonight, and it can change things forever. Norman is finally getting the help that he needs, but everyone knows that his medication will not work forever or Bates Motel would lose its appeal. Norma Bates is lucky to be alive, and you just have to wonder how much longer she can survive.

Are you ready to see what they will say is the reason Norman Bates is the way that he is? Do you think that Norman Bates’ mental illness diagnosis will fit what he would be told he had in a real life scenario? Sound off in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of Bates Motel on Mondays on A&E.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]