Duggar Family Talks Josh Scandal: Will ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ Be All About Josh?

It is almost time for the show Jill & Jessa: Counting On and the Duggar family is now speaking out about Josh Duggar’s scandal and more. The Josh Duggar scandal seems to be the big focus all the time and fans are really hoping this is not all that Jill & Jessa: Counting On is about when it starts on TLC tomorrow. Everyone really does want to see updates on Jill, Jessa and the rest of the Duggar family instead. Us Magazine shared about what the Duggars had to say on Good Morning America about Josh and more.

Josh Duggar is now home after spending six months at rehab and back to living with his wife and children. After he got out the Duggars shared a statement about him being released.

“We are so thankful for everyone who worked with Josh in this program. It was a crucial first step in recovery and healing for Josh. Josh has now returned to Arkansas, where he will continue professional counseling and focus on rebuilding relationships with his family. We look to God for help and guidance and place all of our trust in Him. We are forever grateful for the love and prayers offered by so many and hope you will continue to pray in the days ahead.”

John-David Duggar spoke out on Good Morning America and shared that he felt like the devil was out for them. Here was what John-David had to say about it.

“The devil took his best shot. And he tried to take our whole family down, but God has really used this to — instead of tearing us apart as a family, he’s using it to draw us together … We’ve forgiven. We’re moving on and we’re looking to the future.”

The Duggar family has finally forgiven Josh Duggar and moved on, but that doesn’t mean that he will be on the show. When they did a couple of specials of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, they shared some feelings about Josh and the girls talked about how they are moving on from him. Jessa recently shared that the Duggar family is working on finding a new normal.

TMZ recently shared that even though Josh Duggar is out of rehab and back home, that doesn’t mean that he will be on the show. Sources that are connected with the show have shared that Josh will not be on the show and isn’t even going to be allowed. He will not be on the show that is coming out now, but he also won’t be allowed on future show that involve the Duggars. His wife, Anna, will be on the show along with his children, but you won’t be seeing Josh.

The preview for the upcoming show reveals that they will be talking about Josh Duggar some, but it also shows other things. There will be some focus on Jessa Seewald and her husband Ben being first time parents. There will also be a lot about Jill and Derick and the mission trip they are on now. You will get to see the Duggar family, but Josh Duggar won’t be seen at all. Do expect to hear his name come up from time to time, though.

Are you shocked to hear that Josh Duggar won’t be on the upcoming show at all? Do you want to see Josh again in the future? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss Jill & Jessa: Counting On when it starts airing on Tuesdays on TLC.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]