Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump, But Gets Publicly Humiliated By The Business Mogul In Ohio

After bowing out from the Republican presidential race a few weeks ago, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie formally showed his support for billionaire and current race leader Donald Trump.

The governor joined Trump, 69, in a campaign rally at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Vienna, Ohio, where the GOP frontrunner is hoping to widen the gap between him and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Unfortunately for Christie, 53, he became the object of mockery in front of the campaign rally attended by hundreds of people. Trump criticized fellow candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich for not being present in his state, and focusing on campaigning.

"Your governor is absentee," Trump said, talking to Ohio residents. "I know, 'cause I was there. But I go back and I still work, you know. I have a job, right? So, your Governor Kasich, if you look at him — and I'm being totally impartial — he goes to New Hampshire, he's living in New Hampshire."

Trump added that Kasich is not someone whom people should support because he abandons his job. He pointed out that the governor cannot make America great again, and he would only "destroy the auto industry" in the state because he would negotiate more free trade deals, which are not good for auto companies.

Furthermore, he said that Ohio's good economic standing is just the result of "lucky oil strikes," and has nothing to do with Kasich's leadership.

"Your governor is totally overrated, he hasn't done a thing," Trump said to the crowd. He then urged everyone to get a good night sleep for Tuesday's primaries.

While going at it, Trump decided to make a subtle but obvious swipe at his friend and supporter.

"Where's Chris? Is Chris around? Even more than Chris Christie he was there," Trump said.

"I hated to do that, but I had to make my point," added Trump, who was talking with Christie.

Donald Trump Uses Chris Christie in a Joke to Make a Point

The New Jersey governor reportedly skipped the funeral of a N.J. police officer that day, and it was the third time he missed an officer's funeral since December, probably due to busy schedules in his campaign.

As governor, Chris Christie was expected to attend the funeral of New Jersey State Trooper Sean Cullen, 31, who died last week after being hit by a vehicle. He was responding to a car fire when the accident took place.

Cullen's colleagues were clearly not pleased with their governor's decision. However, Christopher Burgos of the State Troopers Fraternal Association said in a statement that in fact, they are not expecting "someone who has consistently shown disdain for law enforcement to pay his respects" to Cullen, his family, and the State Police.

The State Troopers Fraternal Association is the union that represents state officers such as Cullen.

However, in spite of the disdain that his state troopers have for him, it seems the absence did not seem to bother Christie at all. In fact, he even joined Trump in an interview in North Carolina earlier that day.

In the sit-down interview, Chris Christie questioned the business mogul regarding a number of issues.

According to the report, Matt Katz, who was reporting about Christie for WNYC, said that the governor just nodded his head to Trump's answers, but looked "uncomfortable."

"To see Christie appear publicly in front of a crowd with Trump, at this moment, takes Christie's endorsement much further," Katz added.

However, Chris Christie's appearances with Donald Trump on Monday may not just be a one-time affair – he might be planning on supporting Trump all the way, whether he wins or not.

[Image by Jeff Zelevansky, Getty Images]