Chris Harrison Teases Live ‘Bachelor’ Wedding: Could Ben Higgins Tie The Knot?

The night is finally here and Ben Higgins will pick his final girl on The Bachelor 2016. At the very start of the show tonight, Chris Harrison teased something big and the viewers can’t wait to see if it will happen. Chris has said that if things go just right tonight then there could be a live television wedding during the After the Final Rose special. That would be a first if this happens and Chris Harrison is ready for it.

What did Chris explain? He said that both girl’s parents are already there. Ben’s parents are already there, as well. Neil Lane is in the audience and has the wedding bands with him. Neil has, of course, already handed off the engagement ring when the proposal went down. Chris Harrison can perform weddings himself, but instead they brought in the pastor that this couple would want to marry them. Chris Harrison even said that if things go as planned there could be a big wedding tonight on the show.

Reality Steve is the king of spoilers and if this is happening, he hasn’t shared it yet. All season long, Reality Steve has been going to his blog and sharing what will happen and who will go home when. He didn’t share that a wedding will happen. Steve actually went to his Twitter tonight to share his thoughts on this one.

That basically shows that if Chris Harrison is telling the truth, Reality Steve doesn’t know about it. Somehow, he kept Steve from finding out that they were planning a big wedding for the finale. Chris was somehow able to keep that a secret for a long time and he just may have pulled it off. At this time, nobody knows if they will go through with it.

Bustle actually shared that the don’t think that a television wedding is going to happen. Tonight Chris Harrison said it was going to go down, but this wedding may not be reality. Ben did tell Chris Harrison recently, “I’m more in love than I’ve ever been. I would marry that woman tomorrow.” Of course, that is probably where production and Chris Harrison came up with the idea of having him get married tonight on the show.

Higgins told Extra a bit more though, and makes it sound like a television wedding right away is not the answer. They had to go through a lot and he shared that he wasn’t ready to rush into it. The couple has been able to spend some time with each other since the show stopped filming, but they haven’t even been out in public yet, so a wedding already would be shocking. Here is what Ben shared.

“This is the part that I think is important… she’s been put through hell and back for this thing, right? She’s had to watch me date somebody else and kiss somebody else from week one to now, and I owe it to her to date her well, to treat her well, to take her on some great dates, to have some fun, maybe take a little vacation, and then start talking wedding plans. Because it’s not something we want to push off, I know, but it’s also not something that’s like, ‘Let’s rush to it.'”

Do you think that what Chris Harrison said is true? Do you feel like The Bachelor will get married tonight on After the Final Rose? Viewers are just going to have to wait and see, but Chris Harrison will be teasing this possibility all night long that is for sure. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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