Kris Jenner ‘Begged’ OJ Simpson Prosecutors To Let Her Testify, Insiders Say: Publicity Stunt?

Did Kris Jenner beg OJ Simpson’s prosecution to let her testify on behalf of Nicole Brown Simpson? Was her desire to testify an act of compassion or a publicity stunt for personal gain? In the wake of the American Crime Story miniseries The People v. OJ Simpson, these are questions circulating, and Kris Jenner is being accused of wanting to testify for publicity purposes.

According to Radar Online, an insider has revealed the reason why Kris Jenner was portrayed as a “publicity-hungry hanger-on” in the first episode of the OJ Simpson trial miniseries. The insider also recounted how obsessed Kris Jenner had become with the case and the publicity it garnered. It has been reported that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch relentlessly tried to convince prosecutors and investigations to allow her to testify.

“Kris met with prosecutors and investigators and tried to convince them to put her on the stand,” an insider told Radar. “Even after it was decided Kris wouldn’t testify, the phone calls continued. Kris was constantly trying to recall any detail that might help the case, and was very much involved with things going on behind the scenes.”

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JANUARY 26: TV Peronality Kris Jenner on Hollywood Today LIVE, the nationally syndicated daytime entertainment talk and variety show. She revealed the secret to managing the careers of her six famous kids and how she went from mom to 'momager'. on January 26, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Hollywood Today Live)

“She often arrived at the courthouse early to guarantee a seat in the small courtroom,” said the insider. “Kris became enthralled with the media and all of the coverage. It seemed like she wanted to be shown on camera everyday.”

The insider also speculates Kris Jenner was only motivated about the OJ Simpson trial and getting prosecutors to let her testify because the trial was televised. “Would she have gone as often if the criminal trial wasn’t televised? She wasn’t a permanent fixture at the later civil trial, which got a lot less attention,” the insider said. However, prosecutors for the OJ Simpson trial actually revealed Kris Jenner’s sentiments were quite impressive.

On Sunday, March 13, O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark discussed Kris Jenner’s presence during the trial, although she wasn’t able to put her testimony in. “I couldn’t put [her testimony] in. [But] I would have been happy to put her on the stand; she would have been a great witness,” according to Vanity Fair.

The latest report follows a previous report about Kris Jenner’s efforts to persuade the producers of The People v. OJ Simpson to refrain from including certain details about the case to protect her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian’s legacy.

The Kardashian family presence in the miniseries also leads many news outlets to believe there may be truth to the rumors regarding Kris Jenner’s alleged discussion with the producers of the OJ Simpson miniseries. In fact, Ron Goldman’s sister also accused the OJ Simpson prosecution of withholding incriminating evidence during the trial. So, could Kris Jenner have wanted to testify for personal gain? These aspects of the case remain mysteries.

Despite the rumors about Kris Jenner’s ulterior motives with the OJ Simpson prosecutors and miniseries producers for the advancement of her family, she has adamantly insisted that the death of her good friend has greatly impacted her life and that her intentions have always been genuine. But, of course, Kris Jenner’s motives still seem speculative to most reality TV lovers since she’s often accused of publicity stunts for the betterment of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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