3-Year-Old Survives Despite Being Raped And Left To Die In Northern India – Teenager Slit Throat After Attack

A 3-year-old was raped and an attempt was made to kill her in Northern India. However, the toddler has miraculously survived the attack, despite having her throat slit. The person who allegedly committed the barbaric act, a teenage boy, has been apprehended by the local police. The case is awaiting investigation, even while the 3-year-old fights for her life after the vicious attack.

A 3-year-old girl is battling for her life in a hospital in Ludhiana, a city in Punjab, India. She was raped and her throat was later slit, allegedly by a 13-year-old boy. While the investigations are currently going on, the boy was found to be living in the same neighborhood as the little girl. The boy has been taken into custody. Neither of the families is from the region where the crime took place, and hail from Bihar, another state in India. The families may have landed in Ludhiana seeking regular, small-time work opportunities..

The 3-year-old was discovered in a locked room, bleeding profusely. She was in a semi-naked state, which raised the suspicion of rape, reported NDTV. The heinous crime occurred when the boy lured the little girl under the pretext of playing with her, claims the victim’s father, who works as an assistant in an electrical shop,

“He persuaded her to come with him to play and then raped her. He [allegedly] tried to kill her by slitting her throat.”

The girl was allegedly attacked by the boy with the intention of raping her. However, it is not immediately clear why the boy chose to slit her throat. Police confirmed that the child was covered in blood when she was discovered in a locked room. Preliminary investigations indicate the teenager might have raped her and then slit her throat, fearing he might get caught after the girl started crying, reported The Week. The girl was dumped in an abandoned room, which was then locked from the outside, in the hopes that the death might not be discovered for several days.

Not finding the girl, the parents of the girl were alarmed and filed a missing person complaint with the police. They got suspicious when the boy was missing as well. She was discovered after a manhunt was organized, shared her father.

“During the search, we heard screams from an abandoned room that was locked from outside. When we broke open the lock, our daughter was lying there, half-naked. Her throat was slit with a sharp-edged weapon and she was bleeding profusely. We immediately informed the police and rushed her to the hospital.”

Corroborating the statement of the bereaved father, SHO Beant Juneja of Division Number 5 said the following.

“We rushed to the spot after the family informed us about the incident. The girl was injured with some sharp-edged weapon.”

It is nothing short of a miracle that the little girl has survived the ordeal, shared Sanjiv Gupta, the doctor who treated her,

“The three-year-old was brought in with a gash on her throat. She was bleeding. We have treated her. It’s a case of rape and attempted murder.”

The medical examination report, which is a must to treat this case as crime, notes that the girl was a victim of sexual assault.

Crimes like this are woefully common in India. Majority of the rape victims are very young. Horrifyingly, perpetrators of such crimes, many a times, are either related to the victim or are close acquaintance. Leaving children in the hands of friends and relatives is quite common in India, assuming he or she will be safe. Unfortunately, Northern India has witnessed multiple such sexual crimes involving toddlers.

Even in this case, the boy was known to the family of the victim and was a frequent visitor to their house, where he used to play with the little girl, reported Hindustan Times.

[Photo by Noah Seelam/Getty Images]