‘Mob Wives’ Brittany Fogarty Talks About Karen Gravano’s Feud With Drita D’Avanzo– They Never Settle Their Differences And Feud Will Never End? [Video]

Mob Wives star Brittany Fogarty had some choice words for fellow co-star Karen Gravano following the series finale last week. Brittany revealed that Gravano feels safe to vent and accuse others of terrible things knowing that she is “protected” on the television show; however, Fogarty warned her that at some point, it will be settled on the street.

Radar Online spoke with Brittany about Drita D’Avanzo’s (almost) fight with Gravano on the Mob Wives series finale last Wednesday. The ladies were ready to have a full-on brawl; however, VH1 security held them back, and wouldn’t let the argument get physical. As disappointing as it was to viewers, it sounds like no one was as disappointed as Drita.

Fogarty explains that nothing ever gets settled between Gravano and D’Avanzo because they aren’t able to resolve the issues. Gravano says she is open to talking about the issues; however, all she ever does is speak in circles, which exasperates Drita. If they would get a chance without the camera to talk or really fight it out, they may be able to move past it.

“I think if we weren’t on a show, it would be settled in real life. I think that you keep seeing the drama between Drita and Karen and there’s these fights, but they’re never really fights.”

Brittany said in real life Drita would have torn her apart on the street; but, on the show, Karen felt protected by security because they held D’Avanzo back from fighting her. In the end, Fogarty believes that she is scared of D’Avanzo, and that’s why she only talks trash about Drita on the show.

“We have this entire crew around us when this fight is happening, and there’s security holding us down and separating us and holding us apart from each other. So in real life, I think Drita would have beat the s*** out of her already. But there’s security to protect her, so she can say whatever she wants.”

Brittany explained that she wasn’t sure that you can work problems out with someone like Karen Gravano. Fogarty noted that Gravano seems to hold grudges and isn’t willing to forgive others unless it serves her in some way.

“I don’t think that you can settle problems with somebody like Karen Gravano. My relationship with Karen Gravano is dead. I don’t think Karen and I will ever be on good terms.”

Karen was an expert at crossing lines that shouldn’t be crossed, according to Brittany. Fogarty took to her Twitter page to say that Gravano was the first cast member that stated that you shouldn’t talk about family members; however, once Fogarty aligned with Drita, she trashed her family over and over. And, once you say something like Gravano did, there’s no coming back–the relationship is over. Basically, Brittany feels the relationship is over. Done.

“I felt like out of all the people, it was most wrong of Karen to do given our family history, given that she’s constantly scrutinized for her family, and given that she preaches so hard about ‘family’s off limits.There are things you say and you can’t take back. You put it out there. You made your bed. Lie in it!”

Fogarty said that the season would have been much easier for her if she would have kept her mouth shut and not aligned with D’Avanzo. Brittany explained that she went through a lot of drama with the Mob Wives cast. The season would have been so much easier without the being dubbed Drita’s friend. Fogarty claimed if she had to do it all over again, she would befriend Drita in a heartbeat.

“I love Drita. I am actually very glad that everything happened the way it happened. I went through a lot of bulls*** with the women. I don’t think that people really understand how much easier this season would have been for me with the other women if I would’ve simply pretended not to like Drita. But I’m not a phony. I did like her.”

Brittany says she remains close to Drita, and if anything good came of the show, it is her friendship with her. Don’t forget to come back to The Inquistr for more Mob Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for VH1]