Watch India Vs. New Zealand Cricket Live Online: Start Time, Streaming Video Link For ICC World T20 Tournament

Fans can watch the India vs. New Zealand cricket match live online and see which team can win the critical ICC World T20 matchup.

The match is set to start at 7:30 p.m. local time (2 p.m. GMT) on Tuesday from Nagpur, with both teams looking to start off their campaigns with a win.

India comes into the match with a head of steam, including 10 wins in their last 11 matches. That stretch included a win in the 2016 Asia Cup, defeating some of the same opponents they will face now in the ICC T20 Tournament.

As ESPNcricinfo noted, India is seen as the far and away favorite to win the tournament, though South Africa has a strong team as well and Pakistan can be a contender too.

“This year, so dominant have India been, it would seem almost obscene that they could lose. Still, this is the format of ‘one big over’ and ‘small margin for error’. As such, we must conclude by stating ‘anything could happen’. Virat Kohli could hit his head, get amnesia, and forget how to bat, for instance. Shikhar Dhawan could grow the tips of his moustache too long and poke his own eyes out with his facial hair. Upon such possibilities lie many hopes.”

“Anything could happen.”

Fans who watch the India vs. New Zealand cricket match live online will see if India can put aside their distractions and get a strong start to the ICC World T20 Tournament. Even as the team was on its run to the Asia Cup title — and afterward playing in World T20 warm-up matches — they were dealing with the uncertainty of whether Pakistan would make the trip at all. The team raised safety concerns about playing in India, prompting officials to move the location of the game later this week.