Jennifer Garner Upbeat After Screening Of New Film ‘Miracles From Heaven’

While the media goes crazy wondering if actress Jennifer Garner is going to stay with her famous husband Ben Affleck, Garner has been out and about, celebrating the launch of her new film, Miracles From Heaven.

Jennifer Garner was just outside Boston, Massachusetts, on Sunday evening, attending a fundraiser inspired by her new film. She first attended a screening of the movie at the Showcase Superlux at The Street Chestnut Hill, where she appeared on the red carpet with Dr. Samuel Nurko of the Boston Children’s Hospital along with the Beam family, who were the inspiration for and subject of the film Miracles From Heaven.

Jennifer Garner

According to People, the film is based on the real-life story of a little girl who claims to have visited heaven. Back in 2011, the then-9-year-old Annabel Beam survived a harrowing ordeal, trapped for hours inside a hollowed-out tree. During her ordeal, Annabel is said to have experienced a series of miracles, including meeting Jesus and a dramatic healing from a painful, chronic ailment.

The film’s producer, DeVon Franklin, spoke about Annabel’s chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, which her family claims was healed miraculously after she was rescued from inside the tree.

The movie opens nationwide on March 16 and follows the story, published in a 2015 book by Annabel’s mother, Christy Beam, that was also called Miracles From Heaven. Franklin said the story of the little girl who claims she visited heaven is one so compelling that it will leave even the most cynical moviegoer “questioning.”

Reportedly, doctors at the Boston Children’s Hospital were left with no other explanation about Annabel’s recovery, saying the little girl had experienced a “medically spontaneous remission” as her symptoms completely disappeared. However, the Beam family and Franklin believe it was all God’s work.

Franklin told the Blaze during an interview in Nashville, Tennessee, that he had high hopes for Miracles From Heaven, saying the movie recounts the fascinating story in detail. He said he hopes that people walk out of the theater “hugging their families, being grateful for life, inspired about what’s going on, believing in miracles and really having an experience that’s transformative.”

Christy Beam is also hoping the film will make a big impact, saying she wants viewers to have a “new lens on life” after seeing what her family went through in the film, with Jennifer Garner playing her role. She added that Garner herself has been profoundly impacted by the story.

Christy explained that prior to the accident in the tree, Annabel had been struggling with stomach problems since the age of 4. When the accident happened, Annabel was then 9 years of age and was in monumental pain, taking 10 different medications several times a day.

“Imagine having the stomach flu all the time. That’s what Annabel’s life is.”

However, after Annabel climbed the tree on that fateful day in 2011, everything changed.

Reportedly, Annabel and her sister had climbed 30 feet up into the tree and sat on a branch. When the branch started to crack, Annabel crawled into a hole in the tree to try and relieve weight on the branch, not realizing the tree had hollowed out inside. She then tumbled head first deep down inside the tree and landed on her skull.

It reportedly took rescue workers several hours to get Annabel out of the tree while her family looked on in terror. However, it turned out the girl was miraculously unharmed, despite having fallen on her head and having been entombed inside the tree for hours.

It was the next day when something even more bizarre occurred while Christy was talking with her daughter.

Christy remembers her daughter saying, “You know mommy, I went to heaven when I was in that tree.’”

“All I could say was, ‘Really?’ and… she says, ‘Yes, and I sat on Jesus’ lap and I wanted to stay, mommy, because there’s no pain in heaven.’”

Christy went on to say that Annabel said Jesus had told her she would be healed of her stomach ailments, and miraculously that did happen. Now five years on, Annabel is living a normal, healthy life and is taking no medications at all.

After the screening of the film, Jennifer Garner, 43, attended a small cocktail reception at Davio’s Chestnut Hill and was said to be “upbeat.” The event was a benefit for the Boston Children’s Hospital, where Garner spent time with one of the Beam sisters and appeared to be very close to the family, portrayed in the film.

Jennifer Garner

Davio’s Regional General Manager Paul Flaherty said Garner seemed very close to the family and that she is “incredibly down-to-earth and generous with her time.”

Watch Jennifer Garner in action in the trailer for the film Miracles From Heaven
below. The film opens nationwide on March 16.

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