Will Apple Announce New 12-Inch MacBook At March 21 Event?

One year ago, Apple introduced the razor-thin MacBook, a device that was high on looks, but, according to many, low on power. In one of the first reviews, Business Insider said how the MacBook may seem disappointing, but it is really the laptop of the future.

“But the real story with the new MacBook is we’re getting a taste of what the future of computers will look like. External drives won’t matter as we store more stuff in cloud services like Dropbox. Zippy processors won’t matter as we do more and more tasks in a web browser instead of desktop apps.”

The review added that Apple had a similar vision to what Google had with Chromebooks. They said the MacBook may not be ideal now, but it will soon be all you need. ComputerWorld said that Apple had created the perfect travel laptop.

“The new MacBook isn’t the fastest Mac ever — but then again, with a size and weight perfect for traveling, it doesn’t need to be. The MacBook offers a full OS X 10 experience in a package nearly as portable as the iPad. If your digital lifestyle is mostly on-the-go with an emphasis on wireless, this could be the computer for you.”

There are a lot of Twitter users who love the 12-inch MacBook.

A lot of people were wondering when Apple would update the MacBook. According to MacWorld, Apple may announce the next generation MacBook on March 21.

“Will there be new MacBooks at this launch event? We’d rate this as a 50/50 call: Apple often launches new laptops at this time of year, and the 12in MacBook is now a year old and due for an update. But we’ve been getting the sense lately that Apple is trying to play down expectations of upcoming Mac launches, and there aren’t any hints in the invite to suggest laptop-related announcements,” says writer Ashleigh Allsopp.

Apple MacBook

MacRumors recently reported that the stars of the March 21 event will be the new 9.7-inch iPad, a 4-inch iPhone SE, and new Apple watch bands. The internet didn’t seem to be too excited about the new iPad Air, which Phone Arena claims will have a 7000-series aluminum body with four speakers, a Smart keyboard connector, and Apple Pencil support. There were also some rumors that the new iPad will have a 4K screen.

iPhone 6s Plus

According to the Telegraph, the new four-inch iPhone SE will have a 12MP rear-facing camera as well as a 5MP front-facing camera. It will also have an Apple A9 processor and a near-field communication (NFC) chip for Apple Pay transactions. It will likely come in 16GB and 64GB storage options. The iPhone SE will likely go on sale Friday, March 25, just four days after its announcement. It is believed that Apple won’t allow pre-orders for the device since it will go on sale so quickly.

Apple has been stumbling somewhat lately, as 2015’s Apple Watch, 12-inch MacBook, iPad Pro, and even the iPhone 6s haven’t caused as much excitement as Apple’s past products. Let’s hope Apple can turn things around quickly.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]