Donald Trump Leading In Virtually All ‘Super Tuesday 2’ States – Can Anyone Catch Him?

Super Tuesday 2 is what everyone in the political world is currently waiting for, and it’s just about here. In the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders is leading in a state or two while gaining on Hillary Clinton in others. As for the Republican race, things aren’t nearly as close. Donald Trump is currently tearing through the five states voting on Tuesday, and it doesn’t look like anyone will be able to catch him.

According to Red State, Ohio is the only state out of the five (including Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri) where Trump isn’t in the lead. In the others, he’s ahead by good margins and getting further with every passing moment.

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In Ohio, John Kasich is actually leading the way in many polls or is tied with Trump, but that shouldn’t be totally unexpected since he is the governor of the state. Still, he doesn’t have a commanding lead, and some polls even have him behind.

  • John Kasich – 33 percent
  • Donald Trump – 33 percent
  • Ted Cruz – 27 percent
  • Marco Rubio – 5 percent

In Illinois, the race isn’t overly out of hand just yet, but Trump is watching his lead continue to grow. There is a plus or minus 4.4 percent margin of error with the CBS Battleground Tracker, but that would still leave Trump ahead or even with his closest competitor.

  • Donald Trump – 38 percent
  • Ted Cruz – 34 percent
  • John Kasich – 16 percent
  • Marco Rubio – 11 percent

In Florida, Trump has jumped out to a huge lead, and even a plus or minus percentage margin of error of 4.8 wouldn’t hurt him at all. Right now, it would be shocking for anyone but Trump to win the Florida primary on the GOP side of things.

  • Donald Trump – 44 percent
  • Ted Cruz – 24 percent
  • Marco Rubio – 21 percent
  • John Kasich – 9 percent

His lead is widening in some states and holding strong in others. Trump’s biggest obstacle right now is trying to overtake Kasich in Ohio.

2016 presidential polls donald trump super tuesday 2 florida ohio illinois missouri north carolina

In Missouri, FiveThirtyEight is saying that wins in Ohio and Missouri could make Donald Trump absolutely unstoppable in his quest for the Republican nomination. Between Missouri and Illinois alone, the winner will get 121 delegates, and even if Trump were to lose Ohio, those would help make up for that.

Anything can happen in a 24-hour period, but things are starting to settle into place.

Fox 2 Now had Trump leading quite handily in Missouri by 36 percent to 29 percent over Ted Cruz. Rubio had only 9 percent and Kasich had just 8 percent, while 17 percent of possible voters were undecided.

On Monday, Donald Trump held a rally in Hickory, North Carolina, just ahead of the primary. ABC 11 reported that he downplayed the violence at some of his other rallies and said no one has been hurt, but it’s obvious he didn’t want to focus on that.

“There’s no violence. None whatsoever. It’s a love-fest.”

As of Monday, Trump is also leading in North Carolina just as he is in the other states, except for Ohio. A loss in that one state would be a blow but not hurt his chances that much if he notches wins in the other four states voting on Tuesday.

Donald Trump has a commanding lead in at least four of the five states voting on Super Tuesday 2, and he could very well take Ohio from John Kasich as well. Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, and Illinois are likely to vote for him and pave an almost clear path toward the Republican nomination for him.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]