‘The Bachelor:’ Who Do Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton, & Jubilee Sharpe Think Ben Higgins Will Choose?

The big finale of Season 20 of The Bachelor is set to air on ABC tonight, which means that after 12 long weeks, Ben Higgins is about to propose. But who will he choose?

Fans of The Bachelor are divided on who bachelor Ben will give a ring to on tonight’s episode of the dating series, but it seems like Higgins’ rejected the Bachelor woman are pretty confident in who Higgins will be getting down on one knee for.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with three of The Bachelor Season 20’s ladies, Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn, and Jubilee Sharpe, during The Bachelor: Women Tell All taping earlier this month. The women candidly revealed whether they think Ben will pop the question to Lauren Bushnell or JoJo Fletcher.

“Me and a lot of the other girls in the house kind of saw a spark between Ben and Lauren B from, like, day one,” Amanda Stanton, who came in fourth place this season, told Entertainment Tonight of who she thinks will end up with Ben Higgins. “So I’d be pretty surprised if she didn’t get the final rose.”

Caila Quinn, who was The Bachelor’s third-place finisher, also opened up about who she thinks Higgins will choose, and it turns out she’s on Team Lauren B., too.

“I see a little more of a connection with Lauren B.,” Quinn confessed to the site of her Bachelor choice, hinting that she thinks it will be Bushnell concluding this season of The Bachelor with a ring on her finger from Higgins.

“But, you know, you never know,” Quinn teased of Ben’s dramatic finale.

But while her The Bachelor Season 20 co-stars are rooting for Lauren to get a diamond from Ben Higgins on tonight’s big finale episode of The Bachelor, sixth-place finisher Jubilee Sharpe is admitting that she thinks it will be JoJo Fletcher walking away the big The Bachelor winner.

“I am Team JoJo,” Jubilee recently told Entertainment Tonight about who she wants to end up with Bachelor Ben Higgins.

“She is a great person and I am team JoJo all the way,” Sharpe added of her pick for this season’s The Bachelor winner.

But while fans and contestants continue to speculate over who Bachelor Ben will be proposing to in tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, others are contemplating which of this season’s contestants will be returning to reality TV to look for love on the upcoming season of The Bachelor’s big spin-off, The Bachelorette.

E! News recently caught up with the ladies of Season 20 of The Bachelor to find out who they think will be the next Bachelorette, where Caila, Amanda, and Jubilee all admitted that they could see themselves heading to the Bachelor spin-off.

“I fell in love before I could see myself falling in love again,” Caila Quinn told the site of the possibility of herself appearing on The Bachelor spin-off before admitting that she would “need to take a deep breather” and have a little time away from the spotlight for “some me time” after her dramatic Bachelor journey before she returns to TV.

Amanda, who introduced America to her two children on The Bachelor, also revealed that she’d be open to appearing on The Bachelorette in the E! News interview.

Revealing that she would “consider” returning to the reality dating show, Amanda admitted that she doesn’t regret her time with Ben Higgins on The Bachelor.

“I think after going on The Bachelor, I don’t regret anything. I had such an amazing experience,” she said.

Jubilee Sharpe also revealed that she may be taking a turn as Bachelorette following her dramatic run on The Bachelor, telling E! News earlier this month, “If I was asked, I think I would.”

Sharpe added, “I do believe in this [The Bachelor] process… I don’t think anyone would turn down the Bachelorette role, I think that’s unheard of.”

Who do you think Ben Higgins will choose on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor? And who would you like to see as the The Bachelorette?

[Image via Instagram/Caila Quinn]