Kanye West Praises Justin Bieber In Twitter Rant – Could They Collaborate? Biebs T-Shirt Typo Goes Viral

Kanye West has become a Belieber. In a new Twitter rant, West revealed his latest insights into himself, shared his support for Justin Bieber, and posted a plea to redesign the Clippers mascot, reported MSN. Plus: Read on to learn in an update how the Biebs and Kanye might collaborate!

Justin Bieber performs and Kanye West Beliebs.

Reflecting on his favorite song of 2015, West proclaimed that is the Bieb’s “What Do You Mean?” as the winner. And that seemed to segue in a series of Twitter rants about what West views as his qualities.

“I have discovered my single greatest quality,” West informed the Twitter-verse. “I care. Everyone can say anything they want about me but they could never say that I didn’t care.”

The rapper then elaborated on precisely what and who he cares about.

“I care about people,” added West. “I care about our future. I care about truth. I care about quality. I think human beings can create a Utopia. I believe in us.”

Kanye West proclaims his qualities.

For those who did not believe in the announcement Kanye previously made that he’s in debt, West did not offer an update. Instead, he issued a request that might possibly help with his cash flow, addressing Steve Ballmer of the Clippers.

“Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot,” begged West.

The reference is to the new mascot, Chuck the California Condor, which recently was revealed by the basketball team, which is based in Los Angeles.

Those who might think that all of this seems rather far-ranging, Kanye’s followers on Twitter have become used to his all-encompassing social media topics. West has praised Will Ferrell in Zoolander 2 as having achieved “walking living breathing god status,” slammed women’s suit jackets as “a groundbreaking idea 5 million years ago,” and cheered for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win with the proclamation of “finally!”

Kanye West heads to Twitter again to express himself.

Those who want something to anticipate in the future, West shared that he anticipates unveiling six fashion collections and dropping three albums annually.

When West claimed he was $53 million in debt and pleaded on Twitter with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into his concepts, he didn’t get a response, noted Fortune.

Zuckerberg does not have a Twitter verified account, so some Twitter fans used Facebook Messenger to plead Kanye’s case.

However, when it came to West’s request to redesign the Clippers mascot, he did get a response, noted the Verge.

Steve Ballmer, who owns the L.A. Clippers, may have been uncomfortably aware that the new mascot, Chuck the Condor, with an enormous blue beak, hasn’t been a hit with fans. And with West making it clear that he’s also anti-Chuck, Ballmer responded promptly.

While he admitted his fondness for Chuck, Steve also emphasized that he’s a fan of Kanye’s creativeness.

Taking it a step forward, Ballmer invited the rapper to a game.

As for Chuck the Condor, well, he wasn’t so thrilled.

It was a happier note for Justin Bieber, however.

And Justin himself has shared his own love for West, reported Billboard.

“Kanye’s a talker, so you get him in a room and he just starts talking, and he just starts ranting, and I just sit and I listen because he’s been through a lot of stuff,” shared the 22-year-old pop idol. “He’s obviously got something to say that he’s feeling from his heart. So when I hear that, I like to just sit and listen. He’s a really, really smart guy.”

The mutual fan club comes as Bieber has gotten bitten for a typo on one of his tour T-shirts. The official concert T-shirts became the focus rather than his performance for his “Purpose” World Tour, revealed ET.

Priced at $40, the concert T-shirts had the word “purpose” spelled incorrectly.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is God’s purose that prevails.”

In addition to the typo, the source of the quote was gone (Proverbs 19:21). However, those who want to exchange one of the gone-viral T-shirts can get a replacement.


Hollywood Life reports that Kanye and the Biebs could collaborate.

“Justin would love to do an album with Kanye just like Kanye did with Jay Z,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

Not only does the Biebs belieb in the idea, but he feels that he has potential to rock the entire music industry, added the source.

“Justin thinks that would be so cool and something that would change the music industry forever.”

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