Kim Kardashian ‘Jealous’ Over Rihanna, Kanye West Relationship: ‘KUWTK’ Divorce Rumors Return

Kim Kardashian is said to have played a huge part in Kanye West’s abrupt decision to distance himself from Rihanna, following reports claiming that the reality star is extremely envious of the “Work” singer.

Kim, who has been dealing with an ongoing battle regarding her weight gain, is now targeting Rihanna, claiming that the twosome are too affectionate whenever they get together, which has led the 35-year-old to believe there may be more to their friendship than one leads on to believe.

“Each and every time Rihanna is on the scene Kim gets jealous and threatened,” a source revealed, stressing that Kim Kardashian is rather paranoid over the thought of her husband hooking up with his protégé, having observed the duo’s chemistry between one another.

“It’s unbearable for all concerned,” the source continued, adding that whenever Rihanna comes around Kanye West, she is very flirtatious — and from what the insider alleges, Kanye doesn’t mind it one bit. In fact, he engages in the flirty remarks with jokes and teases, and while that’s just said to be their personal sense of humor, Kim Kardashian is not having any of it.

Kardashian fears that Kanye’s closeness to Rihanna will eventually lead to a cheating affair, and before she knows it, the marriage will be over.

On top of that, Kim is said to be extremely vulnerable and insecure about her own body right now, having gained a whopping amount of weight during her pregnancy with Saint West.

Similar to the weight she gained with North West, it took Kardashian months to see results from endless workouts and daily fitness routines — so the idea of Rihanna potentially getting between her and Kanye is something her mind cannot even comprehend.

The news that Kim Kardashian is banning her husband from spending time with Rihanna comes just one week after numerous reports had claimed the Hollywood couple were heading for an untimely divorce, something which has been building up for months, as one insider described.

Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, having been doing damage control following the ongoing rants that Kanye has made over social media platforms. The rapper dissing Puma and publicly telling the company that Kylie Jenner will not sign its proposed $1 million deal was utterly embarrassing for the family, especially for Kris, who was ecstatic about the offer for her 18-year-old daughter.

Kylie did end up signing the deal despite Kanye’s demands, which has made Kim realize that the bad publicity that is surrounding her as of late is evidently hurting her business and the relationship she shares with her family members.

Kris, in particular, is said to be worried that Kanye’s rants and uncontrolled behavior will subsequently tear the Kardashian brand apart, it was revealed, while another report claimed that Kim is refusing to leave her mother’s home in fear that she will not be able to restrain Kanye when the two will move into their own house.

Kim is very self-conscious to the idea that fans will ridicule her if she was to file for divorce for the third time, which would mean that the couple only lasted two years together as a married pair. The TV-personality has yet to respond claims regarding her alleged jealousy towards Rihanna.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian, Craig Barritt/Getty Images]