'Bates Motel' Spoilers: Norma Blames Herself For Norman's Behavior--Admits Him Into Mental Institution--Breaks Out And Determined To Kill His Mother?

Bates Motel kicked off Season 4 last week, and they waste no time diving into painting Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) as the mentally disturbed young man that he has slowly become over the past few years. Last week, the county hospital let Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) know in no uncertain terms that refusing to get her son psychiatric help is nothing short of abusive. Norma thought she was helping her son by sheltering him from the world; however, she slowly learned that she didn't help him--and maybe her avoidance actually harmed him.

Entertainment Weekly posted a sneak peek of Bates Motel's episode tonight, and the clip has fans terrified that Norma may find herself one of her son's victims. Norman makes it clear in the video that he doesn't trust her, and flipped everything on her. In the Bates Motel spoiler video clip, Norman blames her for the murders of Bradley Martin (Nicola Peltz), Blair Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy), and Audrey Decody (Karina Logue). He tells her that she is trying to pin everything on him, and send him to jail for a very long time. And, according to Norman Bates, he isn't going to let her do that. Her showed her a scary side, and there's no way she can deny that Norman needs help, and as quickly as possible.
In the Bates Motel clip, Norman warns his mother that he doesn't like feeling this way about her. He states that he knows what has to be done, but he doesn't want to do it. Norma looked terrified at the thought that she could end up dead like Blair, Bradley or Audrey, and she whispered to Norman, "Norman, stop it! You're scaring me!"

Norman looked at her and said in a matter-of-fact tone, "Mother, I am not going to lie, you should be afraid. In fact, you should be very scared." Is it possible that Norman is considering murdering his mother? Bates Motel fans know Norma will need to die, if for no other reason but to serve as a plot point.

Bates Motel spoilers have teased for quite some time that it will come down to a showdown between Norma and Norman--and it is possible that one of them won't make it out alive.

IGN reported that Norma will seek out a doctor that believes he can help her son. "Mother" appears to the doctor and states that she knows everything there is to know about Norman. When "mother" speaks to the psychiatrist, the blame for all of Norman's crimes was placed at his mother's feet. According to the report, Norman refuses to pay for a crime that he didn't commit. The revelation spooks the doctor because he isn't sure what he saw. He was shocked to see how mentally unstable Norman was, and wasn't sure how to explain "mother's" presence to Norman's actual mother, Norma. One thing the doctor was sure of-- Norman isn't well and isn't sure there's any way to help him.

The doctor has no other choice but to admit Norman into the mental institution, according to the Bates Motel spoilers. He couldn't allow Norman to walk the streets in this state--he was a danger to himself and others. Later in the season, Norman will meet someone he gets along with at the mental hospital, and they decide to break out of the institution. The Bates Motel spoilers tease that is when he makes his way home to (possibly) kill his mother on the season finale!

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