Janet Jackson Hides Neck In Recent Appearance, Fueling Rumors That Throat Surgery Is The Cause Of Concert Cancellations

Janet Jackson, the pop legend born into a talented family of musicians, hasn’t been so feeling so good lately. According to Perez Hilton, Janet had been cancelling tour dates left and right for unexplained reasons, leading some people to believe that it had been due to her recent throat surgery.

According to Radar Online, she had recently been spotted wearing a scarf that allegedly hides either a scar from surgery or a tumor in her throat.

Although the throat tumor reports are just rumors at this point, the pictures of a scarf-donning Janet Jackson taken by the paparazzi seem to further fuel the rumor flames.

Sickness and surgery may however not be the cause of the cancelled tour dates. According to Page Six, the tour dates were cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

An industry insider explained what might be the cause of the tour cancellations.

“She was about to flop, badly. When an artist cancels an entire leg or postpones pieces of the tour, the real reason is because they’re not selling. It’s better to cancel than play a room that’s half-filled, especially if you’re Janet Jackson.”

Janet Jackson’s tour producers at Live Nation spoke up and insisted that ticket sales in Europe weren’t as bad as they were made out to be.

“We were a month out and still very positive about the shows, but it didn’t make any sense to keep all the dates. She’s very ambitious right now. And when you’re that ambitious, there becomes conflict.”

Music is not the only thing on Janet Jackson’s to do list, however, as it seems that she’s been quite busy recently with other areas of her life. The Live Nation source continued on and spoke about how busy Janet’s been.

“She has other businesses — some music, some brand-related. Janet has a complicated life. Her schedule was getting crazy, so we decided to pull this thing down… It may be moved to a later date.”

It is, however, worth mentioning that these cancellations happened before the mysterious throat surgery, which took place just last December. The future dates cancelled go from May all the way up to August of this year. In light of all this, sources say that Janet is committed to seeing this tour through, and she is even inclined to add more tour dates just to compensate.

Janet broke into mainstream fame and success during the mid-1980s with her third album Control. Five singles from the album (“What Have You Done For Me Lately,” “Nasty,” “Control,” “When I Think of You,” and “Let’s Wait Awhile”) hit the top of the Billboard charts, according to Cleveland.

The Making of Janet Jackson's 'Control,' 30 Years Later… https://t.co/eTClZbsIAh pic.twitter.com/xnERv2n7sT

— janet jackson fans (@so_JacksonWeb) March 8, 2016

The album released 30 years ago was a life-changer for Janet Jackson, not just because it was her first success, but because it was the same milestone that had kicked things off for her. It was in that recording process where she found her winning team through Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, both of whom would take home the 1987 Grammy for Producers of the Year.

The album was also, in a way, an autobiography for Jackson. With songs that dealt with all things personal, like her annulment from singer James DeBarge, and the themes of abstinence and infatuation, the album took listeners on a ride. Not only did fans start appreciating her more as a pop icon, but that was the same moment that fans could tell themselves “I know Janet Jackson.” The title of the album itself is rooted from her relationship with her father, Joe Jackson, and how their relation as father and daughter was met with a domineering presence from him. As of 2016, Control has sold more than 14 million copies worldwide.

Janet Jackson’s next big performance is set for the Dubai World Cup on March 26, 2016, and she gets back to touring in May. Here hoping that the legendary singer recovers, whether the throat rumors are true or not, and gets back to touring so that the fans will finally get what they’ve been waiting for.

[Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images]