Florida Family Accused Of Horrific Vigilante Rape And Murder

A Florida family has been arrested in connection with the murder of a young man who was accused of raping one of their friends. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that five people have all been arrested and given various charges stemming from an incident that can only be described as vigilante justice. Will this family of accused killers learn a hard lesson about true justice? The details surrounding this shocking case are horrifying, especially since nobody will ever know for a fact if the alleged victim was truly a rapist.

Authorities in Winter Haven, Florida, say that three brothers, their father, and a friend of the family stand accused of violently murdering a man named Robert Banks. WTSP News reports that a body was found earlier this year, which was later identified as the Florida man. This kicked off an investigation that is being brought to an end with the arrest of the family members and their friend.

Authorities in Florida have determined through their investigation that the family of four, along with their friend, took part in a horrifically violent act of vigilante justice against Robert Banks. Police allege that Anthony, Brian, and Nathan Johnson — all brothers — lured Banks to a location that hasn’t been specified in media reports. They invited him to “party” with them but allegedly had other plans in store for the unsuspecting man.

Shortly before the brothers allegedly lured Banks to his demise, a female friend of the Florida family told them that she was sexually assaulted by the man. This apparently infuriated the brothers, who wanted to deliver justice. When Banks arrived at the location where he was lured, things went horribly wrong for him. Authorities say that he was brutally beaten and kicked by the three brothers, but that’s not all. They also allegedly strangled him an electrical cord and beat him with a metal pipe. They used their fists, and other assorted objects to beat the man — which included sticks, as well as the metal pipe. Robert Banks reportedly suffered a horrifyingly violent death at the hands of three men.

Some reports are also indicating that the three brothers sexually assaulted the man by sodomizing him with a flashlight. Once the Florida man was allegedly beaten to death, the brothers reportedly wrapped his body up and then called their father, who has now been charged as an accessory in the murder of Robert Banks. Ultimately, four members of the Florida family have been charged with the murder of the man, along with a close family associate.

As if the brutal death of Banks wasn’t tragic enough, authorities believe that no rape actually occurred. In fact, an investigation into the claims made by the woman who accused him of rape has proven inconclusive. In other words, this act of alleged vigilante justice may have been delivered on an innocent man. The young woman who accused the deceased man of raping her hasn’t been interviewed in any media reports, so her side of the story isn’t known at this time. It should be pointed out, however, that even though an investigation was inconclusive on the rape accusations, there is no way to be completely certain of any scenario that may have happened. The man who was accused of raping this woman is dead, allegedly by a violent beating delivered by a Florida family. His side of the story will never be told.

What do you think about this case of alleged vigilante justice?

[Image via Polk County Sheriff’s Office]