New York Woman Dumps Newborn Baby In A Garbage Bag, Charged With Murder

Mohit Priyadarshi

A New York woman has been arrested and charged with murder after it was discovered that she dumped her newborn baby in a garbage bag, according to local media reports.

Nausheen Rahman, a 28-year-old Staten Island resident, was charged with concealment of a human corpse Saturday after New York Police Department officials found the infant's body dumped in a garbage bag at her Richmond Hill Road house.

However, the medical examiner found that the baby had been alive before it was placed in the garbage bag, according to People, forcing the police to upgrade the charges against the New York woman to second-degree murder.

According to Staten Island Advance, Rahman walked into the emergency room of Staten Island University Hospital North on Friday, claiming to be bleeding as a result of giving birth at her home. The New York woman allegedly confided in the staff at the hospital, telling them that she had given birth five days prior and "threw away" the baby, according to the New York Post.

Shocked, the staff at the hospital alerted the police, who later found the dead body of the baby dumped in a garbage bag at Nausheen's home.

Apparently, the New York woman later changed her story, claiming that she had given birth to the baby on Thursday.

"I think it's terrible. And I'm shocked because this is a very good neighborhood. The whole complex is pretty close, too, so for this to go unknown, it's interesting."

"Drop him off at any firehouse, go to the hospital, do something. A life deserves more than that," Goldner said.

The cause and manner of the infant's death will only be known after initial investigation is completed, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner told the Advance.

This present case of the New York woman dumping her newborn baby in a garbage bin is another instance of a growing trend in the country where unwanted children are being thrown to die instead of being handed over to the concerned authorities.

In November last year, Inquisitr reported about a newborn girl who was buried alive in the Compton riverbed. Although that girl had managed to defy all odds and survive the ghastly ordeal, the newborn in the present case was not so lucky.

During the same month, another baby boy was found in a manger at Queens' Holy Child Jesus Church. Nicknamed "Baby Jesus," the boy was so young his umbilical cord still sprouted from his belly at the time of his discovery. The custodian who had found him referred to the child as a "miracle baby."

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