WWE Rumors: Major Surprise Return Set For Tonight On ‘Monday Night RAW’

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW is already looking like a huge one, and one that will lead the way into WrestleMania 32. The preview alone was enough to convince anyone of that. Then, a WWE Tag Title match was added, and so were some huge names to make the show even bigger. Now, a major surprise return is being teased, and it is one you wouldn’t expect — in the form of the recently retired Daniel Bryan.

After he retired in February, Bryan has been doing some work for WWE here and there, but he hasn’t shown up on television again. Well, it looks as if that may be coming to an end on Monday night as he very well may get involved in the storyline between Brie Bella and Lana.

Tonight’s Monday Night RAW is in Pittsburgh, and Daniel Bryan has accompanied Brie Bella there. While that may not be surprising since they are married, Bryan doesn’t always get shown in her social media posts the day before a big show.

Even WrestleZone pointed out that speculation has started going around that Bryan is going to appear on Monday Night RAW this evening and get thrown into the storyline. It’s not known exactly how he will fit in, but he could be used to at least further the program along.

For the past few weeks, Lana has been coming around more often and making her appearance known when Brie Bella is in the ring. As recapped by WWE, last week on RAW, Brie Bella was defeated by Summer Rae after Lana distracted the twin.

While causing that loss was bad enough, it was Lana’s actions after the match that really shook things up.

wwe rumors daniel bryan return monday night raw lana brie bella

Lana delivered a vicious X-Factor to Brie Bella and left her out cold in the ring. The “Ravishing Russian” then walked back up the ramp with a huge smile on her face while looking back at Brie laying on the mat.

This is rumored to be leading to a match between the two and it would be the first WWE bout for Lana, but that is not confirmed.

According to F4WOnline, Lana is still not ready for a singles match, and there is likely more backstage heat on her yet again. It’s been noted that some backstage things are happening with Lana, and it’s new stuff that is different from the heat she got months ago.

So, it appears as if WWE is focusing on the build-up for WrestleMania 32 with a match that won’t be on the card. If that’s the case, then it is even stranger for Daniel Bryan to return and get involved if it’s not that big of a feud.

wwe rumors daniel bryan return monday night raw lana brie bella

Adding Daniel Bryan into the mix is going to really up things a lot, as it will bring a lot of attention to a feud that seems kind of sub-par. It’s just hard to believe this feud won’t be a focal point and that Lana isn’t ready if Bryan is going to show up tonight.

As soon as his music hits, the crowd is going to go nuts. That’s just common sense and it’s going to add a giant spotlight over Brie Bella and Lana.

One other thing that needs to be thought of is that Bryan had to retire from wrestling since he couldn’t be cleared to return to the ring. If he’s at Brie’s side, one would think that Rusev would want to be at Lana’s side. There may be some arguing back-and-forth, but it’s not like Bryan can get physical.

Lama and Brie Bella have a feud that has started, and no one really knows why, but it should be explained soon. Tonight on Monday Night RAW, Daniel Bryan is expected to make a surprise return, and it’s going to take this Divas’ program to a entirely different level.

[Image via WWE]