‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Final Rose Decision Ahead, Reality Steve Teases Status Of Couple

Monday night brings the finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season and Ben Higgins’ final rose will be presented to either JoJo Fletcher or Lauren Bushnell. Reality Steve‘s spoilers broke down the scoop on the big decision shortly after filming wrapped months ago, but viewers are anxious to tune in and see it play out for themselves. There are plenty of rumors circulating regarding trouble in paradise for the Bachelor couple, but are they really on the brink of a split?

Fair warning, there are rumors and spoilers below.

Reality Steve‘s Bachelor spoilers have indicated that Ben Higgins picks Lauren Bushnell at the final rose ceremony and they get engaged. Despite rumors to the contrary, Ben has said that the couple remains very happy, in love and engaged, and Reality Steve‘s spoilers have indicated the same.

While some tabloids are claiming that a split is imminent, gossip guru Steve Carbone insists that “Ben is with Lauren, he’s been with Lauren ever since Nov. 18th in Jamaica, they are engaged, and they are happy.”

There have been some rumors swirling that things may be going so well that this Bachelor lead may even be working on relocating from Denver, Colorado, where he currently lives, to Los Angeles, California, where Bushnell is based. If that is the case, most would say that this relationship is most definitely going well, as the Bachelor star has talked in the past about being quite content with his current life in Denver.

The network is doing a lot of spin-teasing Bachelor spoilers pointing toward a big blindside and shocker in the season’s last episode. Both ladies believe they are in a good place heading into the final dates, as Higgins had told both of them he is in love with them. Previews even show his mom admitting that JoJo won her over, but it looks like Fletcher will be left stunned as that final rose ceremony plays out.

If Reality Steve‘s spoilers are correct, and given the latest scoop he shared regarding the Bachelorette 2016 lead decision it certainly appears he is, then Bushnell is indeed the one left standing at the final rose ceremony with the last rose and the engagement ring. The Bachelor star has said that he told her everything about his feelings for JoJo as they spent time together after filming, and he has said they made it through by thoroughly communicating with one another.

Despite plenty of rumors to the contrary, Reality Steve‘s Bachelor spoilers have consistently indicated that this couple is still together and happy. While the gossip guru never anticipates that these couples will last for all that long, he has said again and again that he has heard of no strife or drama so far between Ben and Lauren. Viewers will, of course, be very curious to see the body language between these two during Monday night’s “After the Final Rose” ceremony.

Is all well between Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell despite all of the intense feelings playing out on-screen toward JoJo Fletcher? Will Reality Steve‘s spoilers about this final rose ceremony be right, or will all of the show’s teases about blindsides and jaw-droppers lead the audience to some legitimate shockers? Viewers cannot wait to see how it all plays out on the last episode of ABC’s The Bachelor on Monday night. Fans are hoping that the couple are still very much together and happy despite rumors to the contrary.

[Image via ‘Bachelor’ producer Elan Gale/Instagram]