Despite Rumors, One Direction Bromances Are Still Strong

Recent months have proved worrisome for fans of One Direction. As any fan is well aware, One Direction, the world’s biggest boy band, is due to officially begin their much publicised hiatus this week. If the band going their separate ways, at least for the time being, wasn’t enough of a worry for One Direction fans, they have been subjected to the usual wave of rumors. Of course, as One Direction fans are all too painfully aware, it is never difficult to find a rumor about Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, or Niall Horan.

Coming as they do from the X-Factor, One Direction’s image has been carefully cultivated and nurtured through the years. When interviewing members of One Direction, journalists are thoroughly briefed as to what questions are acceptable and which are totally off-limits. For example, as reported in the Inquisitr, One Direction’s team warned journalists that interviews would be terminated immediately if the subject of Louis Tomlinson’s child was mentioned.

One Direction fans will not need to be reminded that last summer saw a torrent of rumors claiming that One Direction were to split up. Those rumors turned to reality when the band revealed that One Direction would be taking a lengthy hiatus and would not be touring in support of Made In The A.M., their latest album. Members of the group have taken pains time and again to remind fans that One Direction is taking a break, not splitting for good.

Despite reassurances to the contrary, rumors have persisted that One Direction may never reunite, and many fans blame the infamous article by Dan Wootton in U.K. tabloid the Sun for those rumors. Wootton claimed that One Direction had been torn apart by “rivalry, hatred, and drugs.”

Much of the blame for One Direction’s hiatus was laid at Louis Tomlinson’s feet as he was portrayed as manipulative and of having made bad decisions with regard to One Direction. It was even claimed that Louis and Harry Styles could not bear to be in the same room.

It seems that at least some of the negative rumors about One Direction in-fighting are now being laid to rest by none other than Niall Horan’s dad, Bobby.

According to Unreality TV Horan senior has revealed that the One Direction boys are still in touch. Of course, we already know that Louis and Liam Payne recently represented One Direction at the Brit Awards, where they picked up yet another award. Other than that, the One Direction boys have not been seen together publicly since December.

It seems that One Direction fan Michelle met up with Niall’s dad yesterday, and tweeted about the experience. Apparently, her recounting of the conversation helps to shed some light on what is happening with One Direction at present.

Apparently, Mr. Horan says that Niall is still very close to his One Direction bandmates, especially to Louis and Harry. It seems that Niall may be aiming to meet up with Harry in London sometime soon.

Of course, the news that the One Direction boys are still close comes third hand via a One Direction fan, so it is not exactly from “the horse’s mouth.” That said, it makes a pleasant to change to hear rumors that the One Direction boys are still close and that they care for and respect each other. It is certainly much nicer to hear that than nasty rumors suggesting that One Direction all hate each other.

The claims that One Direction are still good mates will certainly be of more interest than the Mirror‘s story that One Direction star Louis Tomlinson smoked a cigarette outside Starbucks.

The signs are that it will be a very long 18 months for One Direction fans, so just maybe stories like this will make the time pass more easily.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]