Report: Bill Clinton To Play Big Role At The Democratic National Convention

Just like the rock star that he is, former President Bill Clinton will be taking center stage at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina this August. Clinton is expected to make a passionate case for the reelection of current President Barack Obama. Sources close to the Democratic Party and Obama’s campaign say he plans to make a strong case for Obama’s economic vision for the country.

Obama and his campaign officials are hoping that people will draw the correlation between Clinton, a Democrat who presided over one of the biggest economic booms of the past century, and Obama a Democrat elected to bring America out of one of the worst financial crisis’ since the Great Depression.

Democrats are also hoping to contrast the fact that Clinton remains a very popular and inclusive figure, while Mitt Romney has to struggle to stay away from any mention of George W. Bush and hos toxic presidency. Bush doesn’t even plan on attending the Republican National convention.

Obama Campaign adviser David Axelrod said,

“To us it’s about deploying our assets in the most effective way. To have President Clinton on Wednesday night laying out the choice facing voters, and then having Vice President Biden speak right before the president in prime time on Thursday, giving a testimony to the decisions the president has made, the character of his leadership and the battle to rebuild the middle class that’s so central to our message.”

Clinton had to speak at the Democratic National Convention in 2008 to heal the party after a bruising fight between Obama and Clinton’s wife Hillary Rodham Clinton.