Gizelle Bryant Goes After Katie Rost And Ashley Darby: Is ‘RHOP’ Star Making Enemies?

Gizelle Bryant wasn’t happy with the living accommodations when she arrived at Ashley Darby’s summer home. Gizelle wanted her own room and a big bed, and she made a scene in front of the ladies and even looked at a possible hotel when she learned that she had to share a room with Robyn Dixon. But that was just the beginning. Bryant was concerned about her friend Katie Rost, hinting it is possible that she was under the influence.

According to a new Bravo report, Gizelle Bryant is now facing the consequences of making those accusations, as she made it sound like Katie had a drug problem, just because she was showing some public displays of affection.

“Katie spent the majority of the time locked away in her room, or the bathroom or any corner away from the group. In order for me to be “mean” to Katie I first would need to have an FBI investigation to find her. I didn’t know that Katie is the kind of woman that you can’t say ANYTHING to…now I know and will keep our conversations limited to the color of the sky, tulips and rainbows. Brynee and Charrisse acting like I was attacking Katie I totally understand because Katie always acts like a wounded bird that needs to be nursed back to health. Again, I wasn’t the first to bring up Katie’s strange party behavior,” Bryant reveals on her Bravo blog.

But Gizelle wasn’t pleased with the way Rost started sharing rumors, and she wasn’t happy with Rost’s claims that she was sleeping with guys in lobbies or sleeping with many random guys.

“I love to talk about rumors especially when they’re about ME. I love to find out what the streets are saying or what Katie is making up in her fantasy mind. Street Talk Game 101…if you’re going to throw out a rumor then you have to stay and defend your rumor. When you run away faster than Usain Bolt and don’t defend the rumor…well, then everyone thinks what they already know…you’re a LIAR,” Gizelle Bryant points out, revealing that she doesn’t believe any of the rumors.

As Bryant explains, there’s no truth to the rumors.

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But Gizelle didn’t just go after Katie. She also had a problem with Ashley Darby. While the group invited her into the circle during their girls trip, it sounds like she may soon be out of the circle since Ashley’s husband surprised her during the trip. And Gizelle Bryant was furious and she called Ashley’s husband disgusting.

“Michael owns the house so clearly he can show up whenever he pleases. Furthermore, I’m sure Michael enjoyed sleeping in the house with his wife and six other women. He might have even had a fantasy or two about us all singing the Australian National Anthem,” Gizelle Bryant pointed out in her blog.

According to Us Weekly, Gizelle also shared her thoughts on The Real Housewives of Potomac, saying, “Crocodile Dundee has taken it a little bit too far. He is a little creepy and disgusting.”

It did sound like Bryant and Karen Huger were not pleased with Michael’s decision to surprise the ladies on the trip, even though he just went up to his summer home. And based on the preview for next week’s episode, it sounds like Karen isn’t happy with Ashley, so much so that she cuts her right out of her circle. And she refuses to let her own daughter hang out with Darby.

What do you think of how Ashley Darby handled the girls’ trip on The Real Housewives of Potomac? Are you surprised over the way Gizelle Bryant is acting on the show?

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