Duggar Family Speaks Out Ahead Of TLC Premiere: Healing, Forgiveness, And A Double Wedding?

The Duggar family is headed back to TLC, and fans are gearing up to find out what they have in store for this new series. The show will focus mainly on Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, as well as younger siblings, John-David, Jana, Jinger, Joy-Anna, Joseph, and Josiah, who are all grown up now. After a very rough year with the Josh Duggar scandal rocking their world, they are returning to give their fans another look into their lives.

Ahead of their new show, Jill and Jessa: Counting On, the Duggar siblings sat down with Good Morning America’s Paula Faris on Monday to talk about what to expect this season and spilled on how much stronger they are now, despite how “the devil took his best shot,” as John-David Duggar explained.

“He tried to take our whole family down, but God has really used this to — instead of tearing us apart as a family, he’s using it to draw us together… We’ve forgiven, and we’re moving on, and we’re looking to the future.”

The “he” that John-David is referring to is the devil. By now, the world knows that Josh Duggar had admitted to inappropriately touching his younger sisters when they were quite young. After that scandal quieted down some, the whole Ashley Madison and infidelity scandal broke, and the whole Duggar family was right in the middle of it. Apparently, the devil got hold of Josh Duggar once again. However, after months of rehab, he is now supposedly back home in Arkansas with his wife Anna and four kids.

Now that healing and forgiveness has taken place, the family is ready to move on and back to having the cameras rolling. The 19 Kids and Counting stars are certainly no strangers to the limelight. Some of those kids have lived most of their young lives with the TLC camera crew following them around everywhere they go. In fact, the crew grew quite fond of the family, and now they have been given another opportunity to give their fans another glimpse into their personal lives.

Those who are not fans of the Duggar family have accused them of only doing the new show because they are money hungry and feel the need to always be in the limelight. Paula Faris asked that same question. Jessa Seewald said that there were times when the camera was not their friend, but that she and her siblings now have a goal in mind when they chose to return to TV.

“If we can encourage even one other person out there who’s struggling, then that needs to be our goal… we’ve had a lot of healing in our family these past few months and we’re ready to move forward and share our lives.”

New mom Jessa and baby Spurgeon. (Photo by Ben Seewald Twitter)

The new mom also said that there is lots in store on the new show. Jessa threw out something of a joke, or is it a preview of good things to come?

“There are lots of exciting things coming up. I mean, we’re not going to say anything about the double wedding of the twins, but…”

Could there be some courting going on that no one knows about? The Duggars are also featured in the recent issue of People, where the reality stars dish on many things, including their current careers. Jinger, 22, said that she has joined her younger brothers in getting into the family used car sales business, as reported by The Duggar Family Blog. They also do a lot of volunteer work in various ministries around their area.

Jinger and Joy-Anna Duggar (Photo by Duggar Family Facebook)

Many haters will be out in full force, as always, to tear this family up after all that has happened last year. Even GMA’s Robin Roberts questioned how they could make it back to TV knowing that this has all happened. She said that it will be interesting to see if they will have the viewership that they had before the Josh Duggar scandal.

You can expect to see how the family is coping with healing and forgiveness towards Josh, including Anna Duggar. You will also see Jessa and Ben Seewald’s first days as new parents and Jill and Derick’s lives in South America, as well as the rest of the Duggar kids managing their lives while coping with sadness on this past year. However, Josh Duggar will definitely be left out of the whole thing.

Jill and Jessa: Counting On begins on March 15 on TLC

Will you be watching the Duggar family this time around?

[Photo by Jessa Seewald/Twitter]