NBA Rumors: Joakim Noah Leaving Chicago Bulls For Dallas Mavericks

NBA rumors have been swirling around Joakim Noah. With new Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg greatly reducing his role, Noah has been thinking about how he wants to continue his career in the National Basketball Association. Since he is 31 years of age, it makes sense that Joakim would want to be somewhere that will allow him to start. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the former Florida Gators star could be looking into signing with the Dallas Mavericks this upcoming summer.

Fred Hoiberg prefers a more uptempo offensive system that stretches the floor. Joakim Noah is more of a traditional center who has great court vision and belongs in standard half court offensive system. Noah isn’t exactly a fit for Hoiberg. Pau Gasol, on the other hand, is more of a fit. Hoiberg pegged Gasol as his starting center and sent Noah to the bench. Nikola Mirotic was inserted as the starting power forward because he could stretch the floor better than Joakim.

Chicago Bulls center Pau Gasol

Joakim Noah is a professional. He didn’t pout about losing his starting job. Noah didn’t call out Fred Hoiberg through the media. He kept his head up and played when called upon. Joakim kept rooting for the Chicago Bulls from the bench. Things then went south for the New York City native. He suffered a serious shoulder injury. It was serious enough that Noah would have to miss out on playing for the rest of the season, eliminating a good chunk of front court depth for the Bulls.

Provided that rehabilitation goes as planned, Joakim Noah should make a full recovery. He should be ready to play again when the NBA season starts next fall. The 6’11”, 230 pound center also becomes a free agent this summer. That means that he can choose where in the National Basketball Association that he wants to play. Considering the fact that Fred Hoiberg only wants Noah back as a bench player and probably at a reduced salary, one can hardly blame the All Star center for leaving the Chicago Bulls.

Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic

There should be plenty of interest in the NBA for a player as good as Joakim Noah this summer. The Miami Heat could show interest if Hassan Whiteside decides to leave via free agency. If Dwight Howard walks away in free agency this summer, then the Houston Rockets could show interest in Noah. To protect Anthony Davis, the New Orleans could sign Joakim in free agency and ensure that Davis spends most of his time at power forward instead of center.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban knows the value of having an energetic and athletic center. Tyson Chandler was quite the asset for them, especially since his defensive prowess helped cover up for franchise player Dirk Nowitzki. Joakim Noah is a similar type of player. He’s a much better passer and has better court vision on offense than Chandler, the superior defender between the two centers.

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki

If the Dallas Mavericks were to sign Joakim Noah in free agency this summer, then they would have one of the better front courts in the NBA, especially if Chandler Parsons stays with the team. Parsons would start at small forward, Dirk Nowitzki would occupy his power forward position as usual and Noah would become the starting center. Joakim’s defensive abilities would be a nice complement to Parsons and Nowitzki, two of the better offensive players in the National Basketball Association.

Joakim Noah has spent nine season in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls. That’s a very long time. The Bulls have to feel like home to Noah. However, sometimes you have to leave home. The Dallas Mavericks are waiting.

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]