Hellfire Missiles Bound For Portland, Oregon, Found On Air Serbia Flight From Beirut

Kim McLendon

Hellfire missiles bound for Portland, Oregon, were found by Air Serbia security officials, as they used sniffer dogs to look for various contraband on recently arrived Air Serbia passenger planes. A package containing two armor-piercing hellfire missiles with explosive warheads was discovered by a Serbian sniffer dog on Saturday, according to the New York Times. That Serbian dog may have saved the lives of thousands of Americans.

Hellfire missiles could have done a lot of damage in Portland, Oregon, if the weapons had fallen into the hands of terrorists. These are devastating weapons that can destroy tanks, armored cars, large buildings, and, of course, people. They are deadly and they are versatile. They can be fired from the ground or from planes with deadly accuracy. They can even be fired at sea. The missiles found were AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. The videos below show just how deadly and frighteningly easy to use Hellfire missiles can be.

"Security and safety are the main priorities for Air Serbia."

Hellfire missiles could have created a lot of mayhem when they reached their destination point in Portland, Oregon. Americans owe Air Serbia, its security employees, and their dogs, a debt of gratitude in preventing a potential tragedy. Had the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles reached the hands of ISIS or other terrorists in the U.S., it is possible that the weapons could have resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.

Why Hellfire missiles, and why Portland Oregon? One has to wonder why, of all places, these missiles would be headed to the peace-loving community of Portland. KGW News reports that the FBI has nearly 70 active terrorism cases in Portland. There is a wide range of terrorist motivations, including ISIS terrorist recruits, anti-government extremists, and eco-terrorists. FBI Special Agent Gregory Bretzing told KGW back in December 2015 that ISIS was actively attempting to recruit susceptible people in Oregon, as well as other states.

"They don't have to specifically target a state. They don't have to specifically target a city. What they are doing is they are targeting an individual who will be susceptible to their message."

Would Hellfire missiles have been received by local terrorists in Portland, Oregon? Bretzing cited four major terrorist busts that took place in Oregon since 1999. Hopefully, a fifth arrest will spring from the investigation of where, exactly, that package was going.

In a strange twist of irony, a Portland, Oregon, writer and musician, James Twyman, carried out a plan for peace in Syria back in February. The New York Daily News reported that Twyman had a noble but dangerous plan, which he carried out on February 1, to visit Syria and sing to ISIS terrorists. He believed his music could inspire peace, even in the hearts of ISIS. In fact, he did make it to Syria where, according to Good News Planet, he and 80 people planted a "Peace Pole" and sang. It is unclear whether he encountered any terrorists. Meanwhile, a great worldwide prayer went up, as directed in the Twyman video below. Somehow, James Twyman believed this would bring about peace.

Hellfire missiles could have been used by terrorists to attack Portland, Oregon, but tonight, Portland is safe.

[Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]