Snoop Dogg Banned Form Norway For Two Years After Pot Bust

It looks like rapper Snoop Dogg won’t be visiting Norway again anytime soon. Snoop was arrested last month for possession of marijuana (big surprise) after he tried to sneak 8 grams of weed into the country. He was on the way to perform at a music festival in the south of Norway when drug dogs sniffed out something funny in his luggage according to the New York Daily News. Now the court has ruled that he is not allowed to reenter the country for a minimum of 2 years.

In addition to possession of marijuana he was also charged with possession of too much cash. The D-O- Double G was carrying more than is legally allowed inside the country. Holger Hagesaeter, Snoop’s Norwegian legal counsel told the Daily News that Snoop was also fined $8,600. Hagesaeter also said that Snoop isn’t planning to mount an appeal because he “can live with the decision”.

Snoop is no stranger to getting arrested with pot. He was caught with more than two ounces in El Paso, Texas last January. He also has been arrested in Stockholm, Sweeden in 2007. He has also been busted at two airports in California, Burbank and Orange Country in 2006. If you go back even further there are plenty more arrests.

Snoop is currently branching out from his traditional gangsta rap and releasing a reggae album under his new moniker Snoop Lion. He also recently released a song book called Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook written on hemp paper.

So hopefully this recent arrest won’t get him too far down, and if it does he always has a joint to make him feel better.