Harry Styles Bans Pork And May Cut His Hair, According To Rumors

Harry Styles could currently be in England — but is he there to make some drastic changes?

In other words, is Harry Styles quitting pork for religious reasons and also cutting his hair? Insiders dished to The Sun on March 14, and they claim that Harry Styles is “practically vegetarian” and has been cutting out pork from his diet lately.

Furthermore, it is alleged by these sources close to Harry Styles that he is interested in Judaism, thanks to his close friend Ben Winston, and this is why it is rumored that he might be avoiding pork.

Although it is not religion-related, it has also been rumored by The Sun that Harry Styles will be shaving his head for his role in Dunkirk, and some believe that he has already shaved his head because he has been spotted wearing beanies lately with no tresses exposed.

Harry Styles might become hairless

However, there is evidence that Harry Styles has not sworn off meat entirely because UnReality TV reported on March 6 that “Harry Styles was spotted doing a bit of shopping at The Hampstead Butcher & Providore in London earlier today.”

As a matter of fact, Harry Styles might not be known by insiders for eating pork, but in 2012, SugarScape claims that One Direction required “British meat” before every show in America — and that means sausages.

The Spoof also highlighted that Harry Styles was not always so meat-conscious — and it made some of his fans particularly angry. In their story from February 4, 2012, they explain that Harry Styles was back in England after touring California and celebrating with a minced meat pie in Dorking.

Sadly, some fans were so outraged about him slobbering over a pot pie that they could not contain their anger toward Harry Styles. One anti-meat fan named Simon Pallid, Executive Director of vegetarian group, Only Sadistic B******* Murder Cute Animals For Food, stated the following.

“What kind of message does this send out to the nation’s youth? That eating the body parts of dead animals is cool? It’s just sick! And Harry Styles ought to be thoroughly ashamed of himself.”

Regardless, sometimes giving away meat is kindness for Harry Styles. For instance, in February 2013, Harry Styles once bought about $5000 worth of pizzas for homeless people in Los Angeles, according to the Mirror.

In January 2014, TMZ says that Harry Styles gave a hamburger to the paparazzi.

Nevertheless, Harry Styles might eventually have a reason to go full vegetarian — especially if he develops certain health problems, according to the American Heart Association.

Harry Styles has not stated he was a vegetarian

For instance, around September 11, 2014, when One Direction played the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Harry Styles experienced chest pains for a reason unknown to the public, according to Pop Crush.

Alternatively, Harry Styles could be influenced to become vegetarian or vegan by other celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Liam Hemsworth. E Online explains that Liam Hemsworth has been vegan for almost half-a-year, and he is even convincing his brother Chris to try a vegan diet.

Finally, due to his recent attempts to get fans to avoid SeaWorld, Harry Styles has been getting close to the known-vegan group, PETA. After Harry Styles announced his views about SeaWorld, the Independent says they sent him “a box of vegan dolphin-shaped chocolates to thank him for his interest in the cause.”

Besides shopping for meat and giving away hamburgers, there is one other clue that Harry Styles might be phasing out more than pork from his diet. Luxury London and others have been quick to point out that one of Harry Styles’ favorite restaurants is a vegetarian eatery called Manna.

In conclusion, do you think Harry Styles will eventually become vegetarian or vegan?

After all, if Guinness can make a change to being vegan after using fish bladders as filters for the past 256 years, according to the Daily Mail, so might Harry Styles.

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]